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Maui offers a great selection of zipline tours, with several courses that have ridiculously long lines (up to 2/3rds of a mile!). Here are the choices, and we'll help you sort them out in the activity tips below.

Kevin at Falls

Kevin's Activity Tips:

Let's help you sort out these ziplines. I've done them all ... several of them multiple times. We've got them ordered here pretty much from what I would consider the most EXTREME to the most TAME. That doesn't mean that tame isn't fun. For people who aren't looking for extreme, a tame zipline will be more fun ... FOR THEM. The question is your comfort level and the kind of experience you are looking for.

The overall king of the ziplines on Maui is currently Kapalua Zipline. Their course has several really long lines as well ... the advantage here is that these lines are all TANDEM so you are always zipping at the same time as someone else in your group. It is a great option for taking each other's pictures or videos during the tour.

Next would be the Skyline Kaanapali Course. This zipline uses a traditional single-lanyard harness that connects in the middle which is more of the TRUE zipline experienece people think about. The courses at Flyin Hawaiian and Kapalua use a two-lanyard harness that attaches to each side of a seat that you wear ... almost like a paragliding harness. These are almost more of a "ride" than a "zipline." The Kaanapali style of harness leaves more room for turning side to side while you are zipping by twisting the harness lanyard. This adds a little sense of control (or lack thereof) which adds another dimension to the experience. Kaanapali's lines aren't quite as long as the first two ... but they're still pretty long.

Of the two lines that fall into the more "tame" category, the Maui Zipline is the most "family friendly" because they have the lowest age and weight requirements. However, one aspect of this course that moves it one notch away from being the most tame course is that you are zipping from one tower to another and don't set foot on the ground until the tour is over. The first zipline you do requires you to step off a very tall platform. If you've got a fear of heights, this will work against you at this course. If that's the case, your best choice is the Haleakala Zipline, which is the ORIGINAL zipline course on Maui.

Pay attention to those restrictions. Each course has a MAXIMUM WEIGHT LIMIT and they are strict with these. If you reserve a particular tour and upon checkin you exceed the requirements, they will deny your participation and will not authorize a refund. The weight limits at each course are as follows... Flyin Hawaiian: 230lbs, Kapalua: 250lbs, Kaanapali: 260lbs, Maui Zipline: 230lbs, Haleakala: 260lbs.