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The ONLY way to see ALL of Maui's Beauty!


Imagine flying over a jungle stream that flows downhill for miles, alternating between waterfall and pool ... waterfall and pool ... waterfall and yet another pool. Hidden beauty that very few get to see, except those who splurge for a scenic helicopter flight! Here is your change to see the Hidden Hawaii!

Kevin at Falls

Kevin's Activity Tips:

Yes helicopter tours are a little pricey, but I can tell you that dollar for dollar there is no better way to REALLY see the beauty of Hawaii than flying over it in a helicopter. There are so many waterfalls you cannot access any other way ... so many beautiful sea cliffs ... so much reef that really shows up when viewd from the air. I don't think it makes sense to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on airfare and rental cars and hotels, and then not spend a few hundred dollars on a sightseeing helicopter tour to really see Hawaii oncea you get here.

All the helicotper tour operators do a great job showing you around the skies of Maui. My favorite company is Air Maui Helicopters ... it is the most personable and down-right friendliest company with which to fly. They also offer diversity in their flight itineraries AND a choice of flying with or without doors (for you thrill seekers out there).

All the companies do similar itineraries ... my favorite route is the West Maui / Molokai tour with whichever company you decide to fly. West Maui has some amazing waterfalls tucked into its heart including the "Wall of Tears" and once you get over to the island of Molokai it's just WOW the whole time. 3000 foot tall vertical sea cliffs (the tallest in the world) and the tallest waterfall in Hawaii awaits you here.