Extended Horizons scuba diving

Extended Horizons - scuba diving along the Lanai coastline

Extended Horizons scuba diving cathedral dives

Cathedral Dives: swim-throughs, archways and lava structures

Extended Horizons scuba diving spinner dolphins

Pods of spinner dolphins may join in on the fun!

Extended Horizons scuba diving underwater lava tubes

Lanai diving has great diversity and marine life density

Extended Horizons scuba diving underwater

Over 40 dives sites - from beautiful coral reefs to unique lava tubes

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Lanai scuba is a diver’s delight … the most famous spot is the Cathedrals, a volcanic grotto that is two stories tall inside! The light coming in through the numerous openings creates a supernatural effect – like the light coming in through the stained glass windows of a cathedral. Keep an eye out in the nooks and crannies for lobster, nudibranchs, eels and the white tip sharks that frequent the area. Dolphins, manta rays and eagle rays are frequently seen as well.  A second dive spot will be chosen on the day of your tour – very often one of the turtle hang-outs is a popular choice. Most dives average 60 feet. The boat has a fresh water shower, separate rinse buckets for cameras and dive gear, plenty of room on deck and lots of shade.

There are also night dives available, and these are shore dives done at various locations along Maui’s west coast.

General Information
Schedule: Daily at 6:30am. Night Dives are also available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.

Check In: Mala boat ramp in Lahaina town near the Buddhist Cultural Park. (This is not Lahaina Harbor but is about 1 mile north of Lahaina town center.)

GPS: 71 Ala Moana St Lahaina, HI 96761 Click to view map

Tour includes: Continental breakfast in between dives along with fruit, juice and bottled water

Gear Provided: Quality dive gear is included for the higher rate, or if you plan to use your own gear they will supply tanks and weights. For night dives, all dive gear and lights are provided.

Restrictions: Dive certification card is mandatory.

Group Size: The speed boat is certified for 21 passengers but they limit their trip to 11 divers per day.

What to Bring & Wear: Swim wear, towel, sunscreen

Note: Extended Horizons has added a 1.83% fee to support “green” initiatives such as day use moorings, biodiesel, and educational outreach. This 1.83% fee and the regular 7.167% harbor/sales tax will be added to the above rates.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

extended horizons scuba
Go on scuba adventure with Extended Horizons
Dolphins are a common site

CLanai Scubaruise Ship Passengers

NCL cruise ship passengers in Kahului are able to do Extended Horizons Lanai Scuba on their second day in port.  A rental car is required and the drive to Lahaina is a little under an hour.


Lahaina cruise ship passengers can do these tours only on day 2 (assuming your ship is spending the previous night in Lahaina). It is a very short cab ride (1.1 miles) or a 20 minute walk from the cruise ship dock to Mala boat ramp.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

When booking scuba diving plan your dives so that they don’t overlap with activities that involve high altitudes. If you plan to do the downhill bike tour, a helicopter flight, trips to other islands or just driving to the top of Haleakala, it is best to do those things first before you begin your diving. While it is more important to avoid high altitudes for 24 hours following your diving, many of the dive companies will require you to be at sea level for a full 24 hours before you begin your diving as well.

Health concerns -  For those who plan to do an introductory dive you will need to fill out a fairly lengthy health profile at the start of your dive (even certified divers have to do this, but most of their health problems have already been screened so it’s less of an issue for them). If you have a history or asthma, bronchitis, or other breathing disorders, are on any prescription medications, have problems with ear infections, neck or back injuries, smoke, consume significant quantities of alcohol, or are in otherwise poor shape it is important to address these issues before committing to a course. If you sign up and then are disqualified on the day of your dive because of an obvious health concern the boat may not authorize a refund (because they were holding space for you that they don’t have a chance to sell to anyone else). Please Please PLEASE disclose any and all health concerns in the box provided on the reservation form. The list above is by no means complete … ANYTHING other than perfect health should be disclosed. We will contact you to get more details when appropriate; a divemaster will make a determination about your particular situation.

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