Rappel Maui

Rappel Maui is the island's boldest and most unique adventure!

Rappel Maui waterfall descent sideview

Canyoneer down the cascading waterfalls and jungle walls.

Rappel Maui waterfall

Experience an intimate and exclusive tour of Maui's rainforest and waterfalls.

Rappel Maui

Get the hang of basic rappelling on a 60-foot jungle cliff.

Rappel Maui top view

Discover Maui's natural nooks and niches.

Rappel Maui waterfall descent

Rappel down a 50-foot waterfall into a natural pool

Rappel Maui waterfall

Your final "rap" is a 30-foot into a rainforest canyon!

Rappel Maui waterfall

Add to your rappel adventure with the extreme zipline tour!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Rappel Maui is operating normally once again, but at reduced capacity and a reduced schedule. The days of the week that they are operating is somewhat irregular. If you request a reservation for a particular date and it is not available, we will contact you with alternate dates. We recommend that you plan this in advance of your trip to Hawaii.
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Waterfall Rappelling is the island’s boldest and most unique adventure! Canyoneer down the cascading waterfalls and jungle walls into a rainforest canyon. Rappel Maui will meet you at the “Garden of Eden”, a privately-owned site about an hour and 15 minute’s drive from Kahului along the famous “Road to Hana.” You will gear up at this lush 26 acre botanical garden, and hike a short distance on private trails through the jungle, experiencing an intimate and exclusive tour of Maui’s rainforest and waterfalls. Your guides will give you a lesson on rappel basics, and brief you on safety procedures throughout the tour.

These tours are located in a rain forest where showers are frequent and Rappel Maui operates rain or shine. Weather cancellations are extremely rare. On high-water days when the stream is raging and it is not possible to rappel directly in the waterfalls they have alternate rigging points to rappel down 100 foot cliffs to the edge of the roaring stream. Experiencing the thundering waterfalls of the canyon on high water days is exhilarating, but swimming at the base of the falls is not possible on those days.

Waterfall Rappel Tour

Gear up at the 26-acre botanical gardens, and hike a short distance on private rain forest valley trails. Your knowledgeable guides will give you a “show ‘n tell” and train you on how to use your harness and rope. You will be using the same top-rated equipment as your guides. This wild adventure continues with a practicing basic rappelling on a 60-foot jungle cliff. This is where you learn and practice until you get it right. Your next stop is a 50-foot waterfall into a natural pool, and your final “rap” is a 30-foot waterfall. You will continue your descent into the island’s natural nooks and niches.

Schedule: Tour 8am and 11:45am.    Currently operating Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday but additional days added during peak season.  

Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours

Restrictions: The minimum age is 10. Waist must measure between 22″ and 48″, and weight must be less than 250 pounds. Minimum of 70 pounds.

General Information
Check In: At the Garden of Eden along the Hana Highway, about an hour and 15 minute drive from Kahului Airport.

GPS: 10600 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708 Click to view map

Tour includes: Rappel Maui has plenty of bottled water and a snack of granola bars is served.

What to Wear: Men should wear swim trunks or light-weight pants, and a quick-drying shirt. Women should wear surf shorts, yoga pants or quick-drying pants, and a shirt, tankini or bikini top. Swimsuits are not a good idea. In the winter bring a wetsuit top, if you have one. They provide special traction, felt-soled water shoes that you can hike, rappel and swim in. So, it doesn’t matter what personal shoes you wear.

What to Bring: Towel, cameras, waterproof camera. They provide the rest of the gear, including backpacks. Keep valuables to a minimum (cell phone, wallet, camera), and such small items will fit in our waterproof kegs. Whatever you wear will get wet, so bring another set of clothes to change into at the end of the trip.

Equipment: Water shoes, canyoneering backpack, helmet, harness, locking carabiners, safety lanyard (cowstail), rappelling device.

Observers: You hike and swim, or, if you prefer not to swim, you can sit on a rock and observe. You watch the group as it rappels, then a guide will hike you down to the pools to join the rappellers. The valley is a gorgeous place to spend a day. Observers are allowed on the Rappel tour and pay the same rate as participants. Observers are not permitted on the Zip Rappel tour.

Guide Gratuity: Tipping the guides is customary but completely voluntary for parties of 1 to 7 people. For groups of 8 or more a $250 gratuity for the two guides to share is required.

waterfall rappelling
Rappel down Maui's cascasding waterfalls
waterfall rappelling
Rappel down Maui's cascasding waterfalls

Cwaterfall rappellingruise Ship Passengers

Pride of America passengers arriving at Kahalui Harbor are able to do this tour. Rappel Maui will pick you up at the dock.


Cruise ship passengers arriving in Lahaina may be able to do this tour if you rent a car. Call our office for details.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

This is a fantastic adventure … something that will take you outside of your normal comfort zone. First of all, it is important to realize that waterfall rappeling is not “rock climbing.” This is not a physically demanding activity that requires a great deal of upper body strength. You aren’t going up. Gravity is doing all the work for you, and the rope and gear is there to slow you down on your descent.

While this activity isn’t PHYSICALLY demanding, it can be MENTALLY challenging as you stand at the top of a 60 foot cliff and “go over the edge.” It’s all about trusting the gear and trusting the guides who are there to talk you through the process and watch out for your safety. One guide is at the top overseeing your rigging and talking you through your descent, and another guide is down below, doing what is called a “belay.” By tightening the rope from below this guide can stop you from falling if you start going too fast.
Most people who do this for the first time don’t have the problem of going too fast. It is typically a slow and deliberate descent as you pass rope through the rappeling device. It is possible to skin your knee on a rock, but serious injuries doing this activity under guide supervision are extremely rare, and these guys have a great safety record.

The first rappel is on a steep but not quite completely vertical cliff. This practice gives you a chance to feel all your weight on the rope and to learn how the rappeling device works. This will go a long way to boost your confidence for the first of two waterfall “drops.” You will get wet … you will have fun … and you’ll feel like you are on an expedition straight out of the pages of National Geographic Magazine! A short swim across the “pool” and a scramble down the streambed leads you to the second waterfall rappel.

I found the guides on this tour to be very personable and extremely knowledgeable, including lots of great island narration on the drive to and from the waterfall location. The setting where this tour happens is truly magical. This picturesque gulch about a third of the way along the Road to Hana is known as Puohokamoa and is privately owned and not accessible to the public. It’s a fantastic place to spend a day and this is a truly remarkable vacation activity! HIGHLY recommended!