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Kipu Ranch ATV Tours

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Kipu Ranch ATV Tours zooming in the ranch

The Ultra Eco Buggy available on the VIP Triple Trail Expedition

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours film locations for Jurassic Park

See movie locations used in Jurassic Park, Outbreak & more

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours rope swing

Take a dip tarzan style in the secluded swimming hole!

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours ATV and Teryx

Kipu Ranch offers 3 hour and 4 hour ATV Mountain tours

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours zooming in the ranch

VIP Triple Trail Expedition nearly doubles the mileage of the other tours

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The Mountain Tour climbs above the valley floor to the summit of the Kipu Kai mountain pass

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours zooming in the ranch

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours - a different way to experience Kauai!

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours waterfall tour

The 4 hour Waterfall ATV Tour takes you to 2 waterfalls!

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours waterfall

Explore the waterfalls and enjoy a picnic lunch

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours waterfall

Get wet and wild at the last waterfall of the day!

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours piglets in 3000 acre working ranch

Pigs are seen all over on the 3,000 acre working ranch

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Can I ride along? PLEASE???

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours

Did we mention you'll probably get dirty?

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours

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Kipu Ranch is a 3,000 acre property extending from the Huleia River to the top of Mt. Haupu. This mountain range is the one you see to the south of side of the highway as you leave Lihue headed toward Poipu or Waimea. Many movies have been filmed on the ranch, and your tour will include a chance to swing on the very rope swing that Indiana Jones used in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Kipu Ranch is the highest recommended ATV tour on Kauai by Kauai Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook.

COVID-19 Update: Until further notice, the “Ride with a Guide” option has been discontinued. Kipu Ranch will operate on limited days of the week, and their altered schedule for each tour is posted below.

3 hour Ultimate Ranch Tour

This tour crosses ranch land and heads to the overlook at top of the mountain pass … from here you get a glimpse of the south shore of Kauai, a view that few visitors (or residents) ever get to see. This scene was recently featured in the movie “The Descendants” and was the spot where George Clooney stood overlooking the estate he had inherited. Since this is a working cattle ranch you are bound to encounter livestock, but you may also see wild turkeys, boar, pheasant and Nene (the state bird of Hawaii). This tour includes snacks and beverages. A brief stop is made at the movie site where you may swing on the Indiana Jones rope swing (but there is not enough time on this tour to swim here). This tour is an hour shorter than the waterfall tour, but is a favorite of the guides as it includes some more difficult terrain and more elevation gain. If you are an experienced rider this is probably the best choice for you.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am and 1:30pm. Saturday at 1:30pm


4 hour Waterfall Picnic Tour

On the this tour, you explore more of the ranch … the terrain ranges from cool forest roads and lush green pastures to dramatic mountainside trails. You’ll see two different waterfalls during the tour, and a picnic lunch is included. This tour starts with some easy cruising, followed by a lesson in ATV riding on a more challenging trail, the Indiana Jones rope swing, picnic at a waterfall, more riding, and a final waterfall stop where you can swim. Single ATV’s are not available for this tour. All vehicles are 4 seat off-road vehicles and minimum age to drive is 18 (21 if any passengers are under the age of 18).

Schedule: 8:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

VIP Triple Trail Expedition

This tour holds nothing back, and they allow a maximum of 8 vehicles for less of a crowd. They nearly double the mileage of the other tours in just 3 hours. On this tour, you will traverse the best open view, mountain, and jungle sections of all their tours combined into one epic trip.  The experienced guides will take you through the 3,000-acre trail system on a working cattle ranch, which is full of breathtaking scenery, blockbuster movie hits, cultural history, and Hawaiian legends. Navigate your own vehicle through the different trails and obstacles to a private waterfall, bamboo jungles, and much more!

You can choose between VIP “top shelf” Expedition TERYX (seats 4), or the KRX1000 (seats 2). You can also ride with a guide in an Expedition Custom Safari Vehicle. Due to popularity of the 2-seat vehicles, there is no youth rate offered on this vehicle type. All guests on the KRX1000 are charged the adult rate.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:15pm

Included in Tour: Snacks

Vehicle Types
Here is a description of the vehicle types available. Minimum age to drive is 18 but if any passengers are under 18, the minimum age to drive is 21. A valid driver’s license is required for all drivers.  ATV tours do not require previous experience to drive; all participants must sign an acknowledgement of risk form recognizing that with any moving vehicle, driver error can result in an accident and injury.
The Kawasaki Teryx seats up to 4 including the driver. It features power steering, full-back performance seats, and premium suspension. This VIP vehicle offers stylish touring for off-road adventure and features an easy-to-drive automatic transmission. This vehicle is available on all tours except the VIP Triple Trail.
kipu-ranch-atv-37 Expedition KRX 1000
The KRX 1000 seats two side-by-side including the driver, and this vehicle is available exclusively on VIP Triple Trail Expedition. This all-new vehicle type is designed to deliver a comfortable ride without sacrificing performance.
kipu-ranch-atv-36EXPEDITION TERYX
The Expedition Teryx seats 2 – 4 including driver, and this vehicle is only available on VIP Triple Trail Expedition. This custom vehicle includes FOX Racing suspension, a high performance long travel kit, power steering, PRP suspension seats with 4-point safety harness, full back support, latch doors, superior stylish cabin, custom high strength roll cage and rear elevated seating for clear viewing from any location in vehicle.
kipu-ranch-atv-35GUIDE-DRIVEN UTV
For parties where the drivers all want to ride their own single ATV but have passengers who also want to go along, those passengers may ride along with a guide. The adult and child rates for this vehicle are the same as on the multi-seat Teryx vehicle. The minimum age to be a passenger is 9 on the Ultimate Ranch and Waterfall tours and 12 on the VIP Triple Expedition.  The maximum number of passengers is 3.
General Information
Direction: From Hwy. 50  turn on Kipu Road. (near 3 mile marker (KIPU sign). Go ¼ mile and take the first RIGHT (KIPU road and a NO OUTLET sign), cross over the small bridge and follow to the top. Take a RIGHT at the Kipu Ranch sign and pull into the first driveway. DO NOT go past the pine trees or the monument.

GPS: 235 Kipu Rd, Lihue, HI 96766 Click to view map

Tour includes: Drinks, snacks for 3 hour tour & make your own picnic sandwiches for 4 hour tour

Gear Provided: Helmets, goggles and bandannas

Restrictions: Minimum age to drive an ATV is 18 and a valid driver’s license or other ID with proof of age is required. Vehicles with passengers have additional age requirements detailed above. No pregnant women or anyone with back or neck injuries are permitted on the tour. Minimum age to be a passenger is 9 on the Ultimate Ranch tour and Waterfall tour, and 12 on the VIP Triple Trail Expedition.

What to Bring & Wear:  Long pants are recommended and closed toed shoes are required.

Note: The walk to the waterfall is moderate and on uneven ground, approximately 75 meters down and back up. Tours go out rain or shine, however in heavy rains the tour may be cancelled as it goes through several streams and valleys.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

Solo Drivers: It is possible to accommodate solo drivers on any tour, but there is an extra charge. For Standard Teryx and Expedition Teryx vehicles the solo driver pays the adult rate plus the youth rate. Due to popularity of the 2-seat KRX 1000, the solo driver pays double the adult rate.

kipu ranch atv
Cruise along beautiful landscapes on your ATV
atv tour
Summit kipu kai mountain pass

CKipu Ranch ATV toursruise Ship Passengers

The Kipu Ranch ATV tours are available for cruise ship passengers and require either a rental car or a short cab ride of 5-7 minutes. It is possible for NCL passengers who are spending the night on Kauai to do either a morning tour on their second day in port.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

ATV tours do not require previous experience and these vehicles are really easy to operate. After five minutes on an ATV most people are zipping around without a care. There is no shifting to worry about and you’ll be amazed at how stable these vehicles are. Kipu Ranch offers tours that really do provide a great experience for everyone, regardless of your riding experience. Yes, ATV tours are expensive … and I can tell you why. I’ve been in the garages of all of these ATV tours and a great deal of time and expense is involved with properly maintaining these machines. Your tour will also include a very low guest-to-guide ratio with a guide in the front and another in the back of your group (and typically a maximum of 8 riders in between). While these rides are suitable for people with no previous riding experience, please don’t interpret this as an implication that it is impossible for you to get hurt riding an ATV. These are moving vehicles, and while accidents are rare, they do happen. If you are a complete KLUTZ or know you have poor reaction times or are especially “vehicle challenged” then perhaps this isn’t the best tour for you. But the vast majority of people are capable of driving these machines … they have about the same number of controls as a riding lawn mower.

Of the two tours the 3 hour is our favorite! You’ll ride up to the top of Kipu Kai pass which offers panoramic views down to the remote area on the other side. This is a part of the island that few Kauai residents have ever seen! You may recognize it from the move “The Descendants” as the overlook down onto Kipu Kai beach was featured in this film as the beautiful undeveloped beach that belonged to George Clooney’s family.