Kauai Mountain Tubing

Kauai Mountain Tubing - Kauai's one and only tubing adventure!

Kauai Mountain Tubing 4 wheel drive van

A scenic drive into Kauai’s pristine emerald green rainforest

Kauai Mountain Tubing

Gently flowing waters, flumes and tunnels - very fun and very cool

Kauai Mountain Tubing in the tunnel

All the floaters wear headlamps.... so you can see inside the dark tunnels

Kauai Mountain Tubing floating in the ditch

Floating down the historic irrigation ditch

Kauai Mountain Tubing in the tunnel

Tunnels were hand-dug by plantation workers in 1870

Kauai Mountain Tubing launching

Grab an inner tube, don a headlamp and jump in!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to staffing shortage the tubing tour will be operating 5 days a week in the fall of 2021. The limited days of operation will cause this tour to fill up weeks in advance. RESERVE ANY FALL, WINTER, or SPRING of 2022 dates NOW!!!
The tubing tour  is EXTREMELY popular! We HIGHLY recommend you make a reservation as far in advance as possible. It often sells out WEEKS in advance, sometimes a MONTH OR MORE during peak travel periods!  Dates for this tour will quickly sell out in advance due to reduced capacity / smaller tour sizes due to Covid-19 social distancing measures! Reserve NOW and pay later … no charges will be processed on your credit card until just before your vacation starts.
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Mountain Tubing Adventure is a unique activity that gives you a chance to travel back in time to the sugar plantation era. Circa 1870 a series of ditches, tunnels, and flumes were hand-dug by Chinese laborers to deliver water from the rainforest to the thirsty sugar cane fields near Lihue. This land is privately owned and has never before been accessible to the public. The recent closure of the Lihue sugar plantation made this tour possible … allowing Kauai visitors the chance to travel into the island’s interior and witness this engineering feat in a fun and relaxing way!

Your adventure begins at Kauai Backcountry Adventure’s office on Highway 56 in Hanamaulu, just a few minutes away from the Lihue Airport. Your guides will fit you with gloves, a helmet and a head lamp and check your footwear to make sure that they won’t come off and float away during your adventure. Your group will then climb into a colorful 4WD transport vehicle and head into the interior of the island – crossing old sugar cane fields along the way. Your guides will tell you about the plantation’s history and about the lives of the men who built and maintained the ditch system. They also make up a few far-fetched tales along the way for your amusement (the high tension power line that you encounter is NOT really their zip-line tour – haha!). Your 4WD vehicle will stop for a photo op at an overlook that gives you the best view of Waialeale Crater that you are likely to get on your vacation … unless you take a helicopter tour (which we also highly recommend).

A few minutes later you arrive at the start of the ditch … and you get a brief safety demonstration to help you enjoy your float without incident. Then you get into your tube and just sit back and enjoy the ride. This isn’t a whitewater adventure but it isn’t the lazy river at your neighborhood waterpark either. The water is typically knee deep in most places, and the current moves you along fast enough that no paddling is required. This tour goes in and out of many tunnels, one of which is almost a mile long! You’ll glide along in the underworld with a headlamp to light your way.

General Information

Schedule: Tubing is available daily at 9am, 10am, 11am, noon, and 1pm. Additional tours available during busy seasons. In fall of 2021 the tour will operate MONDAY through FRIDAY with no tours on weekends.

Tour length: The total trip is approximately 3 hours including the travel time to and from the ditch.

Reservations: Advanced reservations are required. When you reserve this adventure on our website your reservation will be guaranteed on your credit card. A 20% deposit will be charged just a few days before you leave home for Hawaii. The balance is charged the day before your tour.

Cancellation Policy: In addition to our normal 48 hour cancellation notice policy, this vendor requires 72 hours notice of cancellation for groups of 6-9, 1 week for groups of 10, and 2 weeks for groups of 11 or more.

Check In: 3-4131 Kuhio Highway. Hanama’ulu, HI 96715 Click to view map

Included in the Tour: Light snack and water.

Gear Provided: Gloves, a helmet and head lamp. Rental shoes are available if you don’t want to get your shoes wet.

Restrictions: Minimum age is 5 and minimum height is 43 inches. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Maximum weight is 300 pounds. No neck or back injuries. Pregnant women require a note from their doctor OK’ing them to do this tour. This tour operator requires NAME, AGE, and BODY WEIGHT of each participant with your reservation.

What to Bring & Wear: Water friendly shoes, swimsuits or clothing that can get wet, towels & a dry change of clothing, sunscreen, hat and bug repellent

Note: This activity is VERY popular and advanced reservations are required. Sometimes this tour sells out 4 weeks in advance in the summer!

kauai mountain tubing adventure
Kauai's only tubing adventure!
kauai mountain tubing
Learn about Kauai's history

CCruise Ship Iconruise Ship Passengers

Tubing is available for cruise ship passengers and it requires a short cab ride of 7-10 minutes (or we can arrange a rental car for you). This tour works for the afternoon of day one in port, or the first morning tour will work on day 2 if your ship is scheduled to depart Kauai at 2pm or later.


Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

This is truly a unique family-oriented vacation outing. While the minimum age is 5, parents should also use common sense when planning this tour. If you have a 5 year old who can’t sleep at night unless you leave a light on, this is NOT the tour for them. Some 5 and 6 year olds will find the tunnels frightening …others will love the tunnels. Almost 70% of the time is spent underground … while this trip is designed for everyone, even an occasional adult who suffers from claustrophobia might be better off going shopping while the rest of the group does this tour. While older folks enjoy this tour too, anyone with neck or back problems should consider if the posture you adopt when riding the tube will aggravate any latent injuries.

The best rule of thumb in planning this activity is that if it sounds like fun to you, you’ll really enjoy it. If it doesn’t sound like fun to you, you probably won’t enjoy it. If it does sound fun to you, BOOK IT NOW! This tour is insanely popular and sells out in advance. If you wait until you arrive on Kauai you WILL NOT get on. This is especially true for larger groups … the more of you there are, the more important it is for you to book in advance so that your group doesn’t have to split up and go at two different times.

This tour does go out rain or shine, although heavy rainfall may occasionally cause the activity provider to cancel the trip. The typically light rain showers that give Kauai it’s amazing garden setting are a part of life on the island … activities don’t stop around here when it drizzles. The water temperature … well, it is certainly cool and refreshing. You’ll get used to it quickly. The only part of your body that really gets wet and stays wet the whole time is your butt, and we all have a little extra padding there that helps keep us warm!