Journey through from dense rainforest and broad open valleys with views of beautiful white sand beaches to verdant cliff faces wtih Kualoa Zipline.  Kualoa Ranch has been the site of many television shows and Hollywood films such as Jurassic Park, Windtalkers, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, Tears of the Sun, 50 First Dates, Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I. and LOST. Ziplining takes place on the northern half of the ranch which includes Kaʻaʻawa Valley, containing most of the movie locations. The Zip & Dip combo includes a visit to their own “Secret Island” secluded beach.
At Keana Farms Zipline consists of 7 dual zip-lines and sky bridges and boardwalks.   First ride an ATV  to the top, plus a couple more surprises, and learn about the history and culture of the area during your adventure.
At the Coral Crater Adventure Park Connect with family and friends as you laugh and play together.  Their tours are designed for fun and exciting challenges to bring you outdoors and get your blood pumping!  You can do their Zipline course only or do combination with the ATV tour and Adventure Tower.

CPearl Harborruise Ship Passengers

Kualoa Zipline & other Ranch events may be available for cruise ship passengers who are in port for the day in Honolulu. Please call us for details and transportation options.


Keana Farms Zipline is possible but not practical for cruise ship passengers.  You would have to find transportation to the airport to rent a car then drive to the tour, and repeat the process on the way back.


Coral Crater packages may be available for passengers who are in port for the day as long as the cruise ship is scheduled to dock at 8am or earlier.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

Finally! For years Oahu was the only one of the major Hawaiian islands that didn’t offer a zipline tour … for some reason permitting issues were a greater hurdle here. That has now changed and there are three zipline courses for you to choose from. Kualoa Ranch on the east side of the island, Keana Farms on the north shore, and Coral Crater on the west side. All of them are miles and miles away from Waikiki … if you have a rental car ziplining is a good thing to combine with a full day of “holo holo – ing” (Hawaiian for traveling around) … if you don’t have a rental car no worries because all three will pick up at Waikiki-area hotels.

Which zipline to do? Well, here is a basic summary of each to point you in the right direction.

Number of lines: Kualoa 7, Keana Farms 7, Coral Crater 6.

Longest Line: Kualoa 1300 feet, Keana Farms 2600 feet, Coral Crater 900 feet

Shortest Line: Kualoa 200 feet, Keana Farms 500 feet, Coral Crater 300 feet

Highest Point off Ground: Kualoa 100 feet, Keana Farms 150 feet, Coral Crater 65 feet

Maximum Weight: Kualoa 280lbs, Keana Farms 270lbs, Coral Crater 275lbs

Minimum Weight / Minimum Height / Minimum Age:

Kualoa — at least 70 pounds and 4’8″ tall with waist 22″ or larger

Keana Farms — 7 year old … no minimum weight but those under 80 pounds must ride tandem with a guide or a lightweight sibling

Coral Crater — 6 year old with minimum weight of 60 pounds to zip alone. Children between 40 and 60 pounds may be able to zip tandem with a guide.

Other Activities:

Kualoa Zipline can be combined with ATV, Horseback Riding, Movie Tour, Private Beach

Keana Farms has no other activity combinations, but their zipline tour has other elements like rappelling, suspension briges, towers, etc.

Coral Crater: Great combos … ATV, giant swing, freefall, and adventure tower

All in all, Kualoa Ranch is a sweet spot in combining adventure, scenic beauty, choice of other activities, etc. Keana Farms is the highest, longest, fastest, maybe the most intimidating for people who have never done this before. Coral Crater has the most flexible weight and age limits, friendly for first-time zippers, and good combo package options.