Oahu Kayak Tour Kailua Beach

Kayak along Oahu's beautiful secluded eastern shores

Oahu Kayak Tour Kailua Beach

The protective barrier reef makes for calm, clear azure blue waters

Oahu Kayak Tour Kailua Beach

The 5-hour tour heads out to the Mokulua Islands

Oahu Kayak Tour landing at Moku'ula Island

Beach landing at Mokulua for snorkeling and exploring

Oahu Kayak Tour Kailua Beach

Experienced guides help you in and out of the water

Oahu Kayak Tour a kid paddling

Kayaking is great fun for families

Oahu Kayak Tour guide

The friendly guides are knowledgeable and fun and will keep you safe

Oahu Kayak Tour tide pool

Float in a hidden tidepool on an offshore island

Oahu Kayak Tour landing at Popo'ia Island

Beach landing at Popo'ia Island on the 2 hour guided tour

Oahu Kayak Tour tandem kayak

Tandem kayaks are great for kids

Oahu Kayak Tour Kailua Beach

Kayak in singles or in pairs!

Oahu Kayak Tour Moku'ula Islands

Kayak out to the Mokulua Islands on the 5 hour tours

Oahu Kayak Tour native seabirds sanctuaries

The offfshore islands are protected sanctuaries for native seabirds

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Oahu kayak tours gives you some of the best opportunities to explore the the stunningly beautiful windward side of Oahu. A fringing reef miles offshore causes the large waves to break in the distance, offering miles of pristine bay that are just begging to be explored!  The shallow waters and sandy bottom paint the ocean in striking hues of emerald green and azure blue, which contrasts beautifully with the stunning spires of the Ko’olau Mountains.

We offer kayak experiences with Oahu’s premiere tour operator, Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks. Their shop is located in the Kailua Beach Center which serves as the staging area for their operations.

For those staying in Waikiki or arriving by cruise ship at Honolulu Harbor, complimentary pickup and round-trip transportation is available with all four of these packages. Guests will enjoy the ride to Kailua via the Pali Highway and its scenic route as you pass tropical rainforests, seasonal waterfalls, and scenic overlooks high above Kailua Bay. When you arrive at the shop you’ll receive instruction, safety briefings, get set up with your kayak and snorkel gear and meet your guides.

Restroom facilities, changing rooms, lockers, and showers are available here. They have dry bags you can use to protect the things you want to take on the tour that you don’t want to get wet.

Professional guides lead paddlers through the protected waters and seabird sanctuaries of Kailua Bay and its offshore islets. All guides carry certifications in adult and pediatric CPR, as well as first aid training. These guides function as your informed eyes and ears out on the water. They will instruct you in paddling techniques, educate you about the ocean environment, and assist you in launching and landing your kayak. Three different experiences are offered!

These tours are operating NOW, but transportation is not currently available. All guests must either drive a rental car to the Kailua checkin location (or take a taxi or Uber).

2 Hour Guided Kayaking Tour (Beginner)

The two hour guided excursion is perfect for first-time kayakers and families with children 8 years of age and older. While the kayaking portion itself is two hours in length, the tour also includes lunch and two hours of “beach time” with boogie boards and snorkel gear included.

Following basic paddling instruction, you’ll have a short walk to Kailua Beach Park where your guide will assist you in launching your sit-on-top ocean kayak. The destination is usually Popo’ia Island, a protected seabird sanctuary located about 1/3 of a mile offshore. As you near the islet you will likely encounter some “Honu” … Hawaiian green sea turtles that make this area their home. Once you land on the island’s sandy beach, you’ll venture out on a 20 minute guided eco-hike around the island to explore tide pools. If you are lucky, you might see a Wedge-tailed Shearwater hatchling crawling out of its egg!

After returning to shore, you’ll be served a deli lunch and then enjoy another 2 hours of free time at Kailua Beach where boogie boards and snorkel gear are provided.

Schedule: Monday through Saturday. Pick up in Waikiki is between 8am and 9am.

Gear provided: All the kayaking gear, including PFDs, paddles, backrests, drybags, and snorkel gear. Guests can also use beach mats and boogie boards

Tour includes: Complimentary pick up from Waikiki and re-usable aluminum water bottle as a part our our effort to go plastic free!

5 Hour Twin Island Guided Kayaking Tour (Intermediate)

The four+ hour guided excursion is designed for physically fit, adventure-minded beginners, as well as intermediate and experienced kayakers. All tour participants must be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water (doggie paddling is OK). Snorkeling equipment and top of the line kayaks are included on this tour. The tour length is about 4 hours, but is somewhat dependent upon the kayaking ability and stamina of the paddlers on any given tour. Aim for 4 – 5 hours to complete this route.

Once you launch from Kailua Beach, the first stop is tranquil Lanikai Beach which has been rated as one of the top beaches in the world by the Travel Channel’s “Dr. Beach.” While some guests take a break by lying in the sand, most will head out for a snorkel with reef fish and live coral.

After the briefing, kayakers are off to the Mokulua Islands which lie one mile offshore. It is about an hour paddle one-way to this sea-bird sanctuaries. Upon landing on the island, the guide will lead you on a hike as you explore this island and its fascinating inhabitants … including a variety of seabirds, green sea turtles, rock crabs, and more. Ocean conditions permitting, a secret tidepool, Queen’s Bath is visited. Paddle back to Lanikai Beach for snorkeling and enjoy a hand made deli sandwich. Guests will have a chance to kayak surf, explore the beaches or go for a swim.

Schedule: Monday through Saturday. Pick up in Waikiki is between 8am and 9am.

Gear provided: All the kayaking gear, including PFDs, paddles, backrests, drybags, and snorkel gear.

Tour includes: Complimentary pick up from Waikiki. Lunch and beverages.

Restrictions: The minimum age for this tour is 13 and guests 16 and over may choose either a single or double kayak.

5 Hour Self-Guided Kayaking (All levels)

This self-guided experience is designed for those who have an independent streak and want ocean adventure at their own pace. Kailua Bay offers kayaking opportunities for beginner to experienced paddlers and you have your choice of several different offshore islands to explore. A comprehensive video briefing, weather updates, and staff instruction prepare you for your day on the water. Lunch is included, and when you are done kayaking you can use boogie boards and snorkel gear during the rest of your time at Kailua Beach.

Restrictions: Child participants must weight at least 30 pounds so that the flotation device fits them properly.

General Information
Schedule: Monday through Saturday

Pick up: Complimentary pick up is available with all four of these packages between 8am and 9am

Tour includes: Deli lunch with fruit, drinks and snacks, aluminum water bottle (guided tour only)

Gear Provided: Kayak, paddle, life-jackets, lockers, and dry bags

Restrictions: Ages 8 years and up. All abilities welcome, must be able to swim

What to Bring & Wear: Swimsuit, hat, sunscreen, towel, change of clothes

Note: People who prefer to drive on your own can check in at Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks store at 130 Kailua Rd, Kailua, HI 96734 Click to view map

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

kailua kayak
Kayak along beautiful secluded eastern shores
beach landing
Beach landing at Moku'ula

COahu Kayak Toursruise Ship Passengers

These Kayak Tours provide complimentary transportation from the cruise ship dock!

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

While a “rent a kayak and go out on your own without a guide” option is available, we HIGHLY recommend that you take one of the guided tours. Not only will you have someone with you who is trained in ocean safety, you will also LEARN a lot more and SEE a lot that you might otherwise miss. You’ll also make new friends during your ocean adventure.

We highly recommend the 5 hour guided tour … myself and one of my staff enjoyed this tour in April of 2010. The paddle out to the Mokulua islands is not difficult and landing on this island was a real adventure! From a distance it looks like a barren rock, but as you explore the island you’ll discover it has a rugged and exquisite beauty. The lava rock formations on this island are colorful and fascinating, and we saw dozens of wedge-tailed shearwaters paired up in their ground nests anxiously awaiting the arrival of the season’s one and only egg.

Snorkeling at Lani Kai was a pleasure. Uncrowded, lots of fish, and unlike the coral that has been badly trampled at Haunama Bay, the coral formations here are colorful and most importantly, still vibrantly alive!

We found the staff and tour guides to be friendly, knowledgeable, and they did most of the “grunt” work getting the kayaks unloaded at the beach. At the conclusion of the tour, we paddled a short ways up an estuary to a riverbank location where we disembarked. The staff said “leave everything here … we’ll take care of it.” That’s a nice touch.

Please note that all tours are subject to wind/weather conditions. Kailua Sailboard and Kayak is committed to your safety and knows the waters of this bay very well. They have specific guidelines for when these tours may and may not operate based upon current conditions and forecasts. Decisions on operating the tours are solely at their discretion. Tours may occasionally cancel due to high winds; we suggest that you reserve this tour for your first or second day on Oahu so that if your tour is canceled you have the opportunity to reschedule for another day. If the tour operator cancels your program and you are unable to reschedule, you will of course receive a complete refund.