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Join the staff of 9-line Kohala Zipline for the Big Island’s only true aerial trekking canopy zipline experience. This course features elevated suspension bridges, soaring tree platforms and thrilling ziplines. Once you walk across that first bridge and out to the first tree platform, you are off the ground and high in the trees for the entire tour … except for a snack and restroom break halfway through. And how do you get down to the ground to take this break??? That’s easy … you take your own personal elevator … a 30 foot true vertical free hanging rappel! Sounds difficult? It isn’t. Your highly trained and safety conscious guides will have you zipping and rappelling and navigating the suspension bridges in no time! Guests are clipped into redundant belay points at all times while off the ground.
Seventeen miles north of Hilo is a gorge famous for its series of picturesque waterfalls and tropical gardens. Triple-tiered Umauma Falls has been a major attraction of this area for decades … but now the Umauma Experience takes people higher up the gorge for a zipline adventure of a lifetime. The upper falls area is not open to the public except for participants in this zipline tour. The Umauma Zipline offers 9 lines with nearly 2 miles of zipping excitement. The two longest lines are 1700 feet and 2200 feet and both of lines soar above the gulch with views of one amazing waterfall after another.
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The Skyline Akaka Falls Tour offers an exclusive chance to experience zipping over a 250 foot waterfall, located just downstream from world famous Akaka Falls. The tour offers a 7 line course that traverses tropical farmland, waterfalls and deep ravines. Each zipline progressively builds on the prior – in length and beauty – until you reach the ultimate breath taker – the longest zipline in the state. The lush scenery, dramatic ocean views and your world class guides will make this 2.5 hour tour one to remember for a life time.

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The Big Island zipline tours, Umauma and Akaka Falls Ziplines are available for cruise ship passengers in Hilo. A cab ride of about 30 minutes is required, or we can arrange a rental car with cruise ship dock pickup. Because of the distance from the docks in Hilo and Kona, the Kohala Zipline is not practical for cruise ship passengers.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

Big Island Zipline Tours do not require any special levels of upper body strength … guests wear a harness and are clipped into the zip line pulley using redundant lines. When you see photos of zippers holding onto a bar or a strap, it’s just for steering purposes to keep facing forward. You don’t actually have to hold yourself up! These courses are professionally installed to the highest level of zipline industry standards. Weight restrictions have nothing to do with the ability of the line to hold someone’s weight … the lines are engineered to hold the weight of a pregnant elephant! A person who is over the weight limit could come in just a little too fast and create braking issues that could be jarring or dangerous for the guides trying to slow them down. If a person is too light, they may not make it all the way to the other side. This isn’t really a safety issue as the guides can easily deploy a line and pull the partially unzipped zipper to the other side … or in the case of Kohala Zipline you can easily get the rest of the way by pulling yourself over. But this process takes extra time and delays the tour for everyone else so weight limits are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

One word of caution: after you do one of these zipline tours you will never want to go anywhere on vacation if they don’t have a zipline for you to ride! Yes, it’s that much fun!