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Our Rental Car Program is on Pause

Rental Cars

Due to upheaval in the rental car industry and ongoing inventory issues brought about by the pandemic, we are not handling rental car reservations until further notice.

Kevin at Falls

Kevin's Activity Tips:

One of the striking scenes during the pandemic in 2020 was the acres of unused rental cars that sat around all the fields near the airports all over the state of Hawaii. For the better part of a year they sat there ... unused. Most were eventually sold and shipped back to the mainland.

When Hawaii eventually reopened to tourism in 2021 there were just not enough rental cars left to go around. Locals were actually renting out their beat-up 1998 Ford Tauruses for $200 a day on Craigslist and Car Sharing apps! It was nutz. Things have settled down a little now, but the cost of renting a car has gone WAY up and the there is a still a shortage.

We found that dealing with rental cars was a distraction from our core model of providing information and reservations for tours, so for the immediate future and until things completely get back to normal, we have discontinued our rental car program.