Discover the hidden hiking treasures of Oahu’s lush volcanic rainforest. This moderate 2-mile round-trip guided hike is a rare opportunity to explore 75-acres of sacred land that is exclusive only to the guests of the ranch. Experience the majestic beauty of a towering 200-foot private waterfall, cross through tranquil streams, enjoy picturesque pools and view ancient lo`i (rock terraces) and the lush tropical vegetation of paradise.

Explore the East Oahu Cliffs! This tour is perfect for those who want something special without the crowds from other tour companies and the general public. East Oahu Explorer takes you the Koolau summit at the 1,200 foot Kamehame Ridge.
Diamond Head Hike gives you an experience of Oahu’s history from spectacular view planes atop ancient eruptive sites.   Discover the wonder of our tropical mountain forests. You will summit the iconic Leahi, Diamond Head, with a guide who brings to life geologic and historic events. Enjoy a picnic breakfast that includes island fruit smoothies and freshly cut pineapple. Follow the marching footsteps of Kamehameha’s warriors to the Nuuanu Pali lookout, and gaze upon the stunning view of the cliffs that are a designated National Natural Landmark. Stroll among thousands of tropical and subtropical exotic plants at the Lyon Arboretum.
On the Volcanic Rainforest Hike, you  hike along the slopes of an ancient cinder cone volcano and explore a lush native rainforest preserve.   Experience sweeping views of O’ahu’s two parallel mountain ranges, and hike to a 600-foot elevation gain This is a guided 2.5 mile moderate hike in a native forest that is teaming with rare and endemic plant species.  Enjoy the distant scenic views of both the highest point of the volcanic Ko’olau Mountain range (Konahuanui at 3150 feet), the highest point of O’ahu (Mt. Ka’ala at 4025 feet), Le’ahi (Diamond Head) volcano crater, Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Kailua, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
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