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Kauai Fishing Charters - Explore Kauai Sportfishing




NOTE: We recommend making reservations at least a month in advance. 

Share Charters (priced per person)
4 Hours $149pp ... 6 Hours $189pp

Private Charters (cost for the entire boat up to six passengers)
4 Hours $600 ... 6 Hours $800 ... 8 hours $1000

From the local crew that brought you the Na Pali Explorer rafting tours comes Explore Kauai Sportfishing. Their 41' Concorde Sportfisher is a dream come true for any skilled crew, and she's got all the trimming for your 4, 6, or 8 hour custom charter. It's a guaranteed good time and offers a great chance to get out on the water and get a shot at Kauai's abundant game fishing.

You can either book a private charter (maximum group size is 6) where you pay one price to rent the entire boat and crew, or you can book individual seats on a "share charter" and the boat will sell additional space to others.


No fishing license is required. They provide all tackle, as well as ice and a cooler. All you need is to bring your own food and beverages for the day.


The boat's name is "Happy Times." She has a forward stateroom with bunks, a marine head, and a spacious galley area. She is equipped with top-of-the-line rods and reels.


"Happy Times" departs from the Port Allen Harbor on Kauai's south shore. Departure times vary but typically are early morning. 


Fishing charters in Hawaii traditionally keep the fish that are caught as a part of the crew compensation, however if you are staying in a condo with cooking facilities they will cut up fish for you to enjoy. Minimum age is 6; no pregnant women and no one with neck of back injuries. 





The Fishing Charters are not recommended for cruise ship passengers. The departure is too early for day one in Kauai, and day two the return time is too late. We recommend sportfishing in Kona instead as mid morning departures are available there and only a short cab ride is required. . 

Activity Tips

The most common question we are asked is "What type of fish are in season during the week I'm in Hawaii?"  Most of Hawaii's game fish are here all year. It is very common to catch Ono, Maha Mahi, Ahi, and Marlin all year round. 

Please be aware that bananas are strictly forbidden on fishing boats. Everything about a banana is slippery ... everybody's heard the expression "One foot over the edge and the other on a banana peel." In time bananas became known as a symbol of bad luck that would even affect your ability to catch fish.

The other thing you shouldn't bring on board ... glass bottles. All beverages should be in cans for safety of everyone on board.

Occasionally we have clients ask "What are the chances that I will catch fish?"  Of course that's impossible to answer with a certain percentage. Many factors come into play that make some days excellent and other days average  ... surface conditions, tides, schooling patterns. There's also the human element. How lucky are you??? How's your karma??? Have you been nice to people lately? It's rare, but occasionally a boat gets skunked ... there are no guarantees. Just remember ... the sport is called "fishing" and not "catching." But the crew of your boat will try their very hardest ... they are professionals who know what they are doing. When you go to a restaurant in Hawaii and see a wide variety of fresh fish on the menu, just remember that SOMEONE caught those fish ... might as well get out there and let it be YOU!

A note about share charters ... this is an affordable way for one or two people to go fishing as the boat sells additional space to other people (who are likely to become great friends by the end of the trip). The maximum number of guests on a share charter is 6, and the minimum is 4. If you are a party of three or less and you book a share charter, please be aware that there is a small chance your trip date could get rescheduled if the minimum number of four is not met. By booking in advance you greatly increase the chance of your date meeting the tour minimum of 4 and your trip being a "go." Most of our clients reserve a month or more in advance, and we have a 95% success rate of having the tour minimums met when you order in advance. If fishing is an IMPORTANT thing you are counting on doing in Hawaii, we recommend that you build an empty day into your vacation calendar for later in the week in case your charter needs to be rescheduled. Or ... you could always pay for the extra seats to meet the tour minimum and end up with a sweet deal on a private charter.





Kauai Fishing Charters


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# of passengers

NOTE: Maximum number of passengers is 6. 


First Name

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Cell Phone

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Name of Hotel or Condo on Kauai

I acknowledge that I have read the booking procedures below and wish to submit this reservation for processing.

Upon submitting your activity reservation for processing, we will make reservations for you and send an e-mail confirming all of the details. These confirmations are often sent a few minutes after your reservation, but some activities take longer to confirm than others. You will receive an e-mail confirmation by the end of the next business day at the latest. There are no tickets that you need to pick up prior to your event. Your e-mail confirmation will have all the details you need to check in and enjoy your selected activity. This saves you precious time when you arrive in Hawaii. 

Please be sure that you have typed your email address perfectly; an incorrect address will prevent you from getting your confirmation details, and we will have no way of knowing that you never received your confirmation. We cannot be responsible for errors that clients make which causes them to miss their tour. If you do not see your email confirmation within 24 hours please call us right away to check on the status of your order.

A credit card is required to guarantee payment for your reservations, but in most cases WE DO NOT charge your credit card when your order is placed. Your credit card is typically charged five days before you leave for Hawaii, and a voucher is faxed to the vendor. Some activities are charged at the time of check-in and your e-mail confirmation will inform you if this is the case. If you cancel your activity after your credit card has been charged you will receive a refund less 10% to cover our credit card processing costs.

After making reservations, you may reschedule or cancel your activity up until 48 hours prior to its start (a few activities have 72 hour cancellation policies ... see your confirmation e-mail for details). Within 48 hours of the start of your activity all reservations are final and non-refundable (unless the event is cancelled by the vendor due to weather or other factors ... in which case you are refunded in full). Due to our incredible climate here, weather cancellations are rare.  No-shows and cancellations without adequate notice are charged in full on the credit card used to secure the reservation and are non-refundable.





Most rates quoted on this website do not include the Hawaiian state sales tax which adds 4.1667%, 

or the state harbor fee of 3% on boat excursions. Adventureinhawaii.com is a FREE reservations service;

 we have no hidden service charges or fees that we charge for servicing your reservation

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