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Hawaii Facts:

-The area code for the entire state of Hawaii is 808

-Hawaii does not observe daylight savings time. When it is noon in California it is 9am in Hawaii in the summertime and 10am in the wintertime.

-Population is 1.2 million and 75% of these people live on Oahu

-It is the most isolated island chain in the world

-The Hawaiian island chain was formed as the Pacific Plate glided over a "hot spot" in the Earth's mantle

-The Hawaiian islands are gradually moving to the Northwest

-Older islands gradually sink under their own weight and erode away

-Kure Atoll is the extreme edge of the Hawaiian island chain and is 1240 miles northwest of Honolulu

-Hawaii became a US territory after her queen gave up her throne in 1893 under duress

-The Hawaii state flag is a melding of the flags of the USA and the UK ... Hawaii was a British protectorate until 1843









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