Oahu Surf Lesson

Learn to surf far away from crowded Waikiki

Oahu Surf Lesson instructor

Begin onshore as you learn the basics

Oahu Surf Lesson instructor

Pretty good form for a beginner!

Oahu Surf Lesson soft top surfboards

Soft top boards are great for beginning surfers

Oahu Surf Lesson instructor towing a student

Instructor towing student with his toe

Oahu Surf Lesson standing up

A little push & a lot of encouragement makes getting up easy!

Oahu Surf Lesson instructor

The friendly instructors are expert surfers

Oahu Surf Lesson Mauanalua Bay

Join them for a lesson in beautiful Mauanalua Bay

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Oahu surf lessons makes surfing fun & easy! No carrying a heavy surfboard for blocks to get to the beach followed by a perilous tip-toe dance across the sand as you dodge the sunbathers perilously sprawled in your path! No Waikiki crowds arguing over who owns the next wave! Learn to surf where the only people around for a mile are the people who are as smart as you! Beat the crowds and learn to surf with Hawaiian Surf Adventures.

Their Hawaii Kai location is 20 minutes east of Waikiki beach. Once you arrive, you’ll get an on-shore lesson on the basics of surfing. Then you’ll head out to an uncrowded surfbreak in spectacular Maunalua Bay!

After your lesson, you’ll head back to the shop where you can review photos and videos of your surfing adventure which are available for purchase.

General Information
Schedule: Monday through Saturday at 9am. The total lesson time is 2 hours from the start of your land lesson to your return.

Check In: Hawaiian Surf Adventures at Koko Marina Center.

GPS: 7192 Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96825 Click to view map

Gear Provided: Surf board and rash guards

Restrictions: The minimum age for these surf lessons is 8. Surf lesson participants should be in good health and should feel comfortable in the water.

What to Bring & Wear: Surf attire

Note: The maximum students per lesson is 6 and the maximum student / instructor ratio is 3:1. No matter how small the class, 2 instructors are always in the water with the students. All instructors are Lifeguard and CPR trained and certified by the City and County of Honolulu.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

oahu surf lesson
Learning how to surf is fun & easy
surf instructors
Friendly expert surf instructors

COahu Surf Lessonsruise Ship Passengers

If you are extending your stay with extra days in Honolulu before or after your cruise, you can take surf lessons on Oahu.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

Learning to surf is fun and easy – if you are at the right place and have the proper instruction and guidance. Most people think that the hardest part is “standing up on the board.” In reality the hardest part is “catching the wave.” This is where an instructor really comes in handy your first time. Just a little push on the tail end of your board can make a huge difference in helping you catch the wave.

Waikiki is a famous beach, with its signature view of Diamond Head and its short walk to dozens of high rise hotels. Waikiki is crowded … during the peak times of the year it can be tough to find a spot large enough to lie down in the sand. It can be equally tough learning to surf at Waikiki because there are so many people floating around on surfboards without a clue what they are doing but hoping to catch the same wave as you. Even when you get lucky, buck the crowds, and catch a wave, there is a good chance someone will be parked on their board sideways in your path just a few yards toward shore. And there you are … new at this surfing thing … and you don’t know how to turn yet! Somebody is going to need a medic!

We highly recommend to our clients that they get out of Waikiki every chance they get … whether it is for snorkeling, a luau, kayaking … or a surf lesson. While many of these things CAN be done in Waikiki, they are better done elsewhere for a truly memorable vacation experience.

The staff at Hawaiian Surf Adventure is friendly and committed to ensuring you have a positive experience. Want to learn to surf? This is your best shot!

Best time of day to learn to surf? It is typical the first thing in the morning is the least windy, and the wind often builds throughout the day. Our suggestion is to do the 9am time slot if you aren’t going to be out late enjoying nightlife the previous evening. 12pm would be our next choice … some days it is pretty windy by 2:30pm and some days the wind starts tailing off by then. The late afternoon sun does make it a pretty time to be out on the water.