Navatek Dinner Cruise Waikiki sunset

Stay clear of crowds at the 200 acre private property exclusive to this tour!

Navatek Dinner Cruise Waikiki sunset

This rare perspective gives you the best view points for spectacular pictures

Navatek Dinner Cruise Waikiki sunset

You're welcome to go on a short hike to more vistas of windward Oahu beaches

Navatek Dinner Cruise Waikiki sunset

The half mile hike is short but challenging!

Navatek Dinner Cruise Waikiki sunset

You can also stay on flat ground and just take in the panoramic views!

Navatek Dinner Cruise Waikiki sunset

Other stops on this tour include Halona Point Blowhole!

COVID-19 Update: This tour has been paused and the tour operator has not yet announced a date for resuming this event.
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East Oahu Explorer is great for people who want something unique and steers clear of crowds from other tour companies and the general public. You will be shuttled in an air conditioned van to the 1,200 ft. high ridge top at Kamehame, which is part of the Ko’olau Summit Trail (KST).  From this rare perspective you will get spectacular views of two sides of Oahu.  Perfect for the mobility impaired as you can stay on flat ground to get this view. There is also an optional short but challenging half mile round trip hike.  From this privately owned clifftop perch, gaze overlooking Waimanalo Beach and the Pacific Ocean with several offshore islands. Other stops on this scenic driving tour include Diamond Head surf breaks, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Halona Point Blowhole, and Sandy Beach Park (there are public restrooms available here). Youʻll pass through Waimanalo and make two historical Hawaiian stops at the ancient Ulupo heaiu (an agricultural temple) and the Nuuanu Overlook (a battleground cliff point where around 1795, King Kamehameha I army defeated Oahu’s Chief Kalanikupule and his army.)

General Information
Schedule: Daily at 9am

Duration: 4 hours

Gear Provided: Binoculars

Tour includes: Trail snacks and bottled water.  Round trip transportation from Kahala, Waikiki, and Aloha Tower Marketplace.

What to Bring & Wear:  Dress comfortably, wear good walking shoes, and bring a camera.  Outside the van, the views on these tours offer little shade, so be prepared for sun.  

Note:  Vehicles are currently not wheelchair accessible.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

East Oahu Cliffs
The hike is short but challenging!
East Oahu Cliffs
Experience panoramic views of east Oahu!

CCruise Ship Iconruise Ship Passengers

The East Oahu Explorer can work for cruise ship passengers who are arriving in Honolulu for the day.  They pick up at Aloha Tower Marketplace which is close to the cruise ship dock.  Call for details.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

One of the most famous (or should I say “infamous”) hikes on Oahu led to a place known as “Dead Man’s Catwalk”, a concrete patch that led to the edge of a precipitous cliff with an incredible view down onto Waimanalo and out to the blue-green waters of the Pacific. The real name of the area is Kamehame Ridge, and the problem with this hike is that it was never legal. The land is private property; there was a real problem with vandalism of some antennas in the area, there was the constant threat of liability for the landowner, and people were taking all sorts of risky selfies at the catwalk (a quick Google search will yield some spectacularly stupid people doing ridiculously dangerous things). This place became wildly popular on social media and the problem just got worse. Eventually, the landowner was forced to crack down, gate the area, hire a guard, and rip out the patch of concrete that was encouraging the risky behavior.

Thanks to an agreement between the land owner and a reputable tour company on Oahu, this spectacular area is now open to the public legally for those who participate in the East Oahu Explorer tour! The catwalk has been removed, but the view are still the same! By partnering with this tour company, the landowner now has their liability concerns addressed, guests are supervised so there is no more vandalism, and everyone who really wants to see this area has the opportunity!

The tour opens up this view even to those who aren’t up for the 40 minutes of uphill hiking that was once required as the tour van is able to go all the way to the viewpoint. For those who want to stretch their legs you can scramble around on the ridge.