Dolphin Excursions fast boat

Dolphin Excursions offers rafting along the remote west shore of Oahu

Dolphin Excursions a pod of spinner dolphins

Pods of spinner and bottlenose dolphins frequent the calm waters

Dolphin Excursions a spinner dolphin leaping

A spinner dolphin leaping for joy!

Dolphin Excursions boat

Rafting is a great adventure for the whole family!

Dolphin Excursions swimming with Hawaiian green sea turtle

Green sea turtles love the calm waters!

10/6/2021 IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective 10/28/2021 new Federal rules take effect which prohibits any swimming with dolkphins in the wild in nearshore Hawaiian waters. Tours that once featured an attempt to drop guests in the water to swim and interact with dolphins are now prohibited. Dolphin Excursions will focus on observing dolphins on the way to / from some excellent reef snorkel sites.
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Dolphin Excursions specializes in rafting tours along the remote west shore of Oahu. This area is well known for having the calmest and clearest waters around the island, and is ideal for snorkeling, whale watching (in season) and dolphin encounters. This coastline attracts large pods of spinner and bottlenose dolphins.

Your adventure begins with checkin at the Waianae Boat Harbor on the west side of the island, where you will meet the crew of the Naia I … a fast, highly maneuverable 32′ zodiac that is perfect for these excursions. Maximum tour capacity is 22 guests.

On a typical tour there  will be opportunities to observe spinner dolphins from the boat (all year) as well as humpback whales (December to April). Bottlenose dolphins are also encountered frequently. This is a chance to watch the acrobatic performance of these amazing creatures as the spinner dolphins swim in the wake of the boat, frequently leaping out of the water in amazing acrobatic displays. Success at observing dolphins and whales is very high (in the 90% range on the earlier morning tours). Dolphin Excursions is so confident that you’ll encounter dolphins and/or whales (in season) that they will put you on another trip for free if there aren’t any sightings during your tour.

Ample time is alloted for snorkeling with tropical fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles. The west side offers a variety of pristine reefs for snorkeling with colorful fish and giant Hawaiian Green sea turtles. During periods of high surf (mainly in the winter) snorkeling may not be possible on all tours. If ocean conditions for snorkeling are not good, more time will be spent watching whales and dolphins.

General Information
Schedule: Daily (except for Christmas, New Years Day and Super Bowl Sunday) at 7:30am and 11am

Duration: 3 hours

Reservations: Advanced reservations are required. This is a very popular tour!

Check In Location:  Waianae small boat harbor (85-471 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792 Click to view map).

Gear Provided: Snorkel gear and flotation devices.

Restrictions: Children under 4 are NOT permitted on this tour.

What to Bring & Wear: Wear swimsuits and bring a towel and sunscreen.

Vessel:  32 foot inflatable zodiac raft

Capacity: 22

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

Note:  An afternoon tour may be available for larger groups by special request. Call toll-free 1.877.678.7333 to check availability and rates for this afternoon tour.

dolphin excursions
Rafting is a great adventure
Spend the day with dolphins

CDolphin Excursionsruise Ship Passengers

Cruise ship passengers are able to participate in this tour but would require a taxi or Uber ride of about 35-46 minutes to get to the checkin location.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

We are proud to now offer this excursion to our clients. My wife and I recently joined Dolphin Excursions on a late morning tour. It was a treat for us to experience this part of Oahu from the ocean, as most other water activities are oriented toward the south and east sides of the island. We happened to catch a particularly windy day, and I was rather skeptical about our chances of encountering dolphins in these conditions. When it’s windy, the surface of the ocean gets choppy and it can be hard to spot dolphins in the distance.

About 30 minutes into the tour my fears were put to rest as we encountered several bottle nose dolphins. These are a large species of dolphins … if you grew up in the 60′s or earlier you remember “Flipper”, right? He was a bottle nose dolphin. This group swam with our boat for several minutes.

Our next encounter was with a large pod of spinner dolphins. These guys are small compared to bottle nose dolphins, but what they lack in size they make up for in enthusiasm! They dance and play and leap out of the water … and the size of the pod was impressive (in the neighborhood of 80 or so …. it was a little hard to count accurately because they just wouldn’t stand still).

We ended the tour with an hour or so of snorkeling offshore from Makaha Beach in an area with lots of colorful fish and a healthy population of green sea turtles.

Dolphin Excursions did a great job of facilitating a dolphin encounter on a “marginal” weather day in windy conditions. That gives me an awful lot of confidence in recommending their operation to our clients. For those who are able, I recommend the early tour time as the winds are typically lighter first thing in the morning and the percentage of success is extremely high.

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