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Air Maui Helicopter Tours


Maui … the Valley Isle … there is no place like it on Earth, and most of the island is remote and completely inaccessible. The only way to really see the island is from a helicopter. If you've never seen Maui from the air, you've never really seen the island! Air Maui offers four flight options summarized below. While exact routes and sights that you see will vary from flight to flight, we do recommend morning flight times ... morning is typically the clearest time of the day and clouds are less of a factor. In order to guarantee one of these morning flight times your reservation should be made well in advance of your arrival in Hawaii! These tours are flown in the industry standard touring helicopter known as an A-star. Each helicopter holds six passengers. These tours are offered by Air Maui Helicopters, our favorite helicopter tour company because of their exceptional personal service and impeccable safety record.



45 minute Hana / Haleakala tour covers the lunar-like surface of Haleakala Crater, the "7 pools" of Oheo, Hana Town, and the rugged waterfall coastline of the north shore rain forest. Our discounted base fare is $180 per person


60 minute Complete Island tour covers all the sites in the 45 minute Hana / Haleakala flight but also adds the highlights of the West Maui Mountains.  Our discounted base fare is $230 per person


45 minute West Maui / Molokai flight covers the coastline of the West Maui Mountains and then crosses the channel to the island of Molokai with its amazing 3,000 foot vertical sea cliffs and the tallest waterfall in the state of Hawaii. Our discounted base fare is $180 per person


60 minute West Maui / Molokai flight adds additional time at Molokai, including aerial views of the Kalaupapa Penninsula (and Father Damien's leper colony) as well as more time to explore the West Maui Mountains. This is BY FAR our favorite flight and the one we most highly recommend! Our discounted base fare is $230 per person


Base fare does not include the fuel surcharge which is currently 25% of the list price of your tour. For the comfort and safety of all passengers, Air Maui requires those who weigh over 240 pounds to purchase an additional seat which will be left empty. This policy is necessary because helicopters have limited internal space and overall passenger weights must be calculated prior to take-off to ensure that the vehicle's limitations are not exceeded. This charge may be waived for tall individuals who just exceed the limit if other members in their party are much lighter.  CALL US with questions.)


Book helicopter tours as soon as you can to get the best morning flight times!