Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show

Warren & Annabelles Magic Show is truly amazing!

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show close-up magic performance

Close-up magic performed right in the palm of your hand

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show Annabelle the ghost plays piano

In the outer parlor "Annabelle" (the resident ghost) plays your requests

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show parlor

Annabelle's Parlor is a great place to unwind from the day's events

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show Royal Flush Package includes cocktails and appetizers

The Royal Flush includes 2 cocktails & a dinner-sized portion of appetizers

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show desserts

... and one of their tempting desserts!

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show 80 seats in theater

After dinner the show moves to the intimate 80 seat theater

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show Dwayne the psychic dove

Dwayne - the Psychic Dove - How does he do it?

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show guest performer Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels - juggling a bowling ball, a straw and a shoe

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show guest performer John Shryock

John Shryock ... a guest magician featured on TV's "Masters of Illusion"

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show guest performer John Shryock

After an audience member picks a card, he finds it with his mouth

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show guest performer John Shryock

John produces the correct card - which he has magically folded in his mouth

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show in Lahaina

Warren & Annabelles Magic show will be THE MOST FUN you have on vacation!

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show

Mind-blowing slight-of-hand magic and hilarious comedy!

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Upon entering “Annabelle’s Parlor”, you will discover that you are in for a special evening of mystery and amazement. The resident ghost, Annabelle, plays songs at your request on her grand piano while you indulge in refreshing cocktails, island-style appetizers, and decadent desserts before the show.

After you dine & drink in the outer parlor, take a seat at the luxurious and intimate theater and witness the magic! Don’t expect people to disappear and women being sawed in half. This is close-up magic, which is done with slight of hand and misdirection. At times it’s even done in your own hand!

Warren Gibson is the founder of Warren and Annabelles Magic show. He is a renowned magician and highly acclaimed showman, and is frequently the evening’s performer. We enjoy his performance every time we see his show! We are charmed and entertained by his unique style of close-up magic, precise comedic timing, and his southern hospitality. He can make people laugh so hard that they cry, and you will be sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. Your sides will be a little sore from laughing so much!

Warren and Annabelles Magic show frequently features guest magicians from around the country such as Dana Daniels – winner of the “Comedy Magician of the Year” award at Magic Castle in Hollywood, John Shryock – seen on the TV show “Masters of Illusion”, and Chris Blackmore who has entertained thousands daily at Disney World. No matter who appears on stage, you are in for a special evening of fun and amazement. Warren and Annabelles Magic show is consistently rated as the most outstanding evening spent in the islands by our guests. Warren has performed many times for Arnold Schwarzenegger and he proclaims … “He is the best there is!”

Basic Admission includes admission to the show. You may order drinks, gourmet appetizers, and desserts a la carte off the menu.

We highly recommend the Royal Flush Package, which is an exceptional value for a complete evening of dining and entertainment. It includes admission to the show, two premium cocktails, a dinner-sized plate of gourmet appetizers, one of their killer desserts and a gratuity for your server.

General Information
Schedule: Monday through Friday evenings

Duration: 4 hours

Check In: 5pm at Warren & Annabelle’s

GPS: 900 Front Street A202, Lahaina, HI 96761 Click to view map

Reservations: Payment for this activity is processed at the time your reservation is made … Warren and Annabelle’s requires payment in full for their show at the time a reservation is confirmed.

Restrictions: Guests must be 21 or older because alcohol is served in the theater and checking ID’s would disrupt the show. Every guest is required to present a photo ID at the door to verify age.

What to Bring & Wear: The theater is kept rather cool, so sweaters and long pants are recommended.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event

Note: As the show sells out weeks in advance in busy season, the late show is seasonally added at 7:30pm.

Many laughs and magic will ensue!
warren and annabelles magic show
Annabelle entertains you in the parlor

CWarren and Annabelles Magic Showruise Ship Passengers

NCL cruise ship passengers in Kahului are not able to attend Warren & Annabelle’s as the theater is dark on Sunday evenings. Lahaina cruise ship passengers can attend this show as long as your tender runs until at least 9:30pm. No transportation is needed as the theater is a 7 minute stroll from the cruise ship dock, with ample shopping opportunities along the way.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show is not just a fun evening … it is without a doubt the most fun you will have on your entire vacation. You will laugh and you will be amazed. There is absolutely nothing Hawaiian about this show at all. Warren Gibson is one of the most talented close-up magicians in the world. His ability to manipulate the audience through timing and misdirection is impeccable. As we state above, this isn’t the kind of magic where ladies get sawed in half. He does tricks right in people’s hands and they can’t tell when or how the magic happens … it just HAPPENS! The theatre is small and intimate, you will get a great view anywhere you sit. The evening begins in Annabelle’s parlor … Annabelle is a ghost who happens to be an accomplished musician. Call out the title of a song, and she will begin playing it. Appetizers, cocktails, and desserts are sold in the parlor before the main show. Don’t forget your ID … this is not an adult show as far as content goes, but it is a nightclub and no one under 21 is admitted. I don’t think there is anything in Hawaii that gets this level of personal recommendation from us. Trust us … YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW!

If you’re looking for other evening entertainment, we suggest ‘Ulalena at the Maui Theater. There are also many Luau choices on Maui!