West Maui Luaus

Hyatt Luau – Drums of the Pacific
Hawaii’s most exciting luau takes you on a journey through the islands of Polynesia. You will experience an authentic imu ceremony and dine on the flavors of native Hawaiian cuisine. The show features captivating dances and music of old Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga, and Rarotonga. The hottest show in the islands also has a jaw-dropping three-man fire knife dance finale!
The Westin Wailele Polynesian Luau
This luau is held outdoors alongside the legendary Ka’anapali Beach. The ocean is a stunning backdrop to the spectacular performances and vibrant costumes. Dine on the delicious Hawaiian buffet as you embark on an exciting journey to the Polynesian Islands with elements of earth, fire and water. Witness dances from Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand and Samoa including a five man fire-knife spectacle!
Myths of Maui Luau at Royal Lahaina Resort
Complete you Hawaiian vacation with a beachside luau feast and hula show at the Royal Lahaina! The main course is the kalua pig, cooked all day in the underground imu oven. The all you can eat buffet also includes smoked turkey, island-style mahi mahi, grilled steak, shoyu chicken, and a huge vegetable and salad bar. This luau is kid-friendly … they even have a “keiki food bar” with hot dogs and chicken nuggets. The open bar keeps the Mai Tais flowing from the moment the gates open until the conclusion of the show, which traces the development of hula through the ages. The show concludes with a spectacular Samoan fire knife dance. This luau is also a great family value, as children under 11 are are just $33 and infants 5 and under are free.
Sheraton Maui Nui Luau

Discover the remarkable stories, history, and culture of the Valley Isle and Kaanapali with Maui Nui Luau. You will be transported through the songs and dances of Maui and the Pacific, including a spectacular fire knife dance. Experience the culture by participating in Hawaiian arts and crafts and witnessing an authentic Hawaiian Imu Ceremony!

South Maui Luaus

Wailea Marriott “Te Au Moana” Luau

Through food, song, and dance, Te Au Moana presents how the ocean’s tide links generations of Hawaiians and Polynesians together. The Polynesians are experts in fishing, gathering, gift giving, romance, and tapa making. These skills are masterfully demonstrated and shared the Wailea Marriott. Before the all you can eat Hawaiian Buffet dinner, you can watch the Imu Ceremony as they dig up the kalua pig from an underground oven.

Grand Wailea Luau – Honua’ula
Honua’ula, which means “Return to the Sacred Lands,” exhibits the ancient Polynesians discovery of Maui. The stories and legends told by the peoples of Honua’ula come to life through a blend of traditional Hawaiian chanting, ancient hula, and modern artistic interpretations of Polynesian culture. This enchanting evening also includes a Polynesian buffet and the finest fire knife dancer on Maui!

Evening Shows

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show
Prepare yourself for an evening of mystery and amazement. You’ll need to find the mysterious passage to Annabelle’s Parlor!  Once you’re there, you will be served cocktails, gourmet appetizers and a variety of homemade, decadent desserts. You will be entertained by Annabelle, the resident ghost, as she plays songs at your request on her grand piano. The show moves into the luxurious and intimate theater where the magic awaits you. This is close-up magic done with slight of hand and misdirection, and sometimes it’s even done in the palm of your hand!
Polynesian dancers
Polynesian dancers from Tahiti, Tonga & Fiji
warren and annabelles magic show
Warren & Annabelleʻs Magic Show

CMaui Luaus & Showsruise Ship Passengers

NCL Pride of America cruise ship passengers who come into Kahului are able to do the Hyatt Luau and Royal Lahaina Luau if you are in port during the time of year that this luau is held on Sunday evenings. It does require a rental car as the drive to Kaanapali takes about an hour. For rental cars with cruise ship shuttle pick-up see our rental car page. Lahaina cruise ship passengers can do this luau on their first day in port with a short cab ride to Kaanapali as long as your tenders are running until 9pm.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

The  Wailele Polynesian Luau at the Westin Maui Resort and Spa is the perfect luau for people who want to experience luau cuisine but want something that is a step up from the typical luau buffet. I have often said that luaus aren’t fine dining … and most luaus are so similar that if you blindfolded me and set plates of food from 5 different luaus in front of me, I couldn’t tell which plate was which. The Westin is different. Their food stands out from the rest and it IS SO GOOD it is approaching fine dining quality. This luau is also an exception to the “you gotta get up front seats” rule … this luau is less than half the size of most other luaus and offers a more intimate setting. We hope they add more nights to this excellent luau offering in the near future. WELL DONE!!

The Hyatt Regency Luau at Kaanapali is famous for offering an energetic show that guests love. Down side here to this luau is that you can’t really see the ocean much from any table. The luau ground is almost completely surrounded by wings of the hotel, and the view of the ocean is blocked by a row of shrubbery. It seems odd to be so close to the ocean that you can hear it, but to have your view intentionally blocked. We think it is to prevent people on the beach sidewalk from standing there and getting  a free view of the show. On the upside it is now possible to get preferred seating, which will improve your luau experience over being in the general admission section.

The Myths of Maui Luau at Royal Lahaina Resort is a good choice (and affordable) for families. They are offering a “premier seating” option … the cost of this upgrade is $20 per seat for adults and children age 6 and older. This luau has a little more of a “local flavor” and they’ve done quite a grand finale with their Samoan fire dance at the end of the show. In addition to the main double fire knife dancer they also have two other kane with single fire knifes and several wahine twirling fire poi balls. It’s a great photo op at the end of your evening!

Te Au Moana Luau at the Wailea Marriott and the Grand Wailea Luau are both good choices for people staying down south. Both luau grounds are located right along the ocean and feature expansive ocean views. The slight advantage here would be the Te Au Moana luau at the Marriott because you face the ocean when you are looking at the stage. The Grand Wailea luau grounds faces the other way; when you face the stage you are looking at the mountains, and when you turn to look at the food line you are looking toward the ocean. This takes the focus off the oceanview a little. If you blindfolded us and had us taste the food, we couldn’t tell which one is which. This is a tie here. As for the shows, both are well done. The slight edge would go to Te Au Moana at the Marriott for being a more traditional luau show featuring live musical accompaniment. The Grand Wailea’s show is technically excellent, but they use more taped music for parts of the show, and while parts of the show feature traditional dancing, there are some modern elements thrown in (stylistically influenced maybe by Cirque du Soleil).