It is really nice to go on a snorkel trip when you don’t have an early-morning drive to a harbor that is 20 miles away … there is certainly something to be said for just walking out to the beach from your Kaanapali hotel and just hopping on a boat. This is especially true in the summer when the Kaanapali snorkeling tours have Honolua Bay as their destination. In the wintertime large swells make this a poor place to snorkel, but calm conditions in the summertime make this one of the best snorkel spots in the state! The reef here is VERY well developed and since this is a marine preserve the fish and turtles just seem to know that it is safe to swim around people. In the winter months most of these trips go south toward Olowalu to snorkel. The reef is good there too, but not quite as spectacular as Honolua Bay.
Maui’s newest and most luxurious sailing catamaran, the 65′ Hula Girl is truly state-of-the-art. From her teak accents and comfortable seating on the foredeck … to the VIP lounge and hi-tech navigation station on the flybridge … this multi-million dollar custom catamaran will just make you say “wow.” Hula Girl provides daily morning departures right from Kaanapali beach for their premium 5 hour snorkel tour. Cruise along the West Maui coastline to premier snorkeling destinations such as Honolua Bay Marine Preserve. Dive platforms at the stern and a wide stairway between the bows provides easy access to the underwater world.
Teralani Sailing Charters offers two different daily tour experiences from Kaanapali Beach. Both Teralani 2 and Teralani 3 are beautiful 65′ sailing catamarans.
hula girl snorkel
Hula Girl snorkel picks you up right on Kaanapali beach
teralani snorkel
Take in the amazing island views

CKaanapali Snorkelingruise Ship Passengers

NCL cruise ship passengers in Kahului are able to do any of these tours on the morning of your second day in port. Transportation is not included, and is most economically done by renting a car. We can arrange a rental car with shuttle pick-up at the harbor.  Please see our rental car page for more information. Drive time is approx. 60 minutes to Lahaina.


Lahaina cruise ship passengers can do the tour as long as you are in port on the correct day of the week. This tour leaves from the Mala harbor , a few miles north of where your ship’s tender arrives. You can easily take a taxi.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

Teralani II and III are both beautiful sailboats that are meticulously maintained and offer a quality premium snorkeling experience on Maui’s west side. Capacity on these boats is 49, which is less than half of the people you’ll find on most of the Molokini snorkel tours. People also appreciate the mid-morning check-in times … this is a good choice for people who don’t want to get up at 6am every day on their vacation. In the wintertime Honolua Bay isn’t available as a snorkel destination … winter swells make Honolua Bay a surfer’s paradise but those waves make snorkeling impossible. The water becomes murky and you can’t see a thing. In the wintertime this boat’s destination is the south shore of the West Maui Mountains … the added bonus during this time of year is the numerous whale sightings on the way. The Teralani boats also offer two different Maui sunset sail experiences, one with dinner and one with heavy appetizers. All drinks and food are included with the published rates for the Teralani.

As we said a moment ago, the Teralani II and III are beautiful sailboats … as a matter of fact they are two of the nicest in the Hawaiian island. But the nicest … and newest … in Hawaii … without a doubt … is the Hula Girl. This stunning new boat has replaced the venerable Kapalua Kai and is now offering the ultimate in comfort and luxury in snorkel tours and dinner cruises here on Maui. This boat is SOMETHING … flat screen TV’s, killer sound system, teak accents, closed circuit video systems to monitor all the decks and keep an eye on the sails, digital charting at the navigation station … all I can say is I am glad I don’t have to pay the mortgage on this multi-million dollar vessel.

The Hula Girl was conceived to be a high-quality restaurant experience that happens to float around on the water for added ambiance. Food is prepared to order on-board in their commercial galley … do keep in mind that this means you will need to bring your wallet along on the tour … all food and beverages are purchased a la carte. Prices are reasonable though … and complete menus are posted with each tour offering above.

All of these boats pull right up onto Kaanapali Beach for boarding … you take your shoes off and walk across the sand to get on the boat. You will likely get your feet wet as the first step onboard will either be on wet sand or in a few inches of water (you could even get splashed up to your knees if a wave hits while you are boarding). Occassionally we have someone who just can’t load this way … if that’s the case consider doing a Sunset Dinner Cruise out of Lahaina Harbor instead.