Watch the sunrise from the 10,023 foot summit of Haleakala. This spiritual experience offers the wonders of Haleakala National Park, panoramic views, nature in the raw! Explore the stories and sights of the enchanted realm and the skies above. As you immerse yourself in the sacredness of Haleakala summit at sunrise, the landscape will inspire you.
Experience the breathtaking sunrise from the 10,000 ft summit of Haleakala National Park, and add to your adventure with the 5-line Haleakala zipline tour.  It is ocated just outside the national park on the slopes of Haleakala. This zipline tour features Maui’s only pendulum line, over 90 foot drops, Indiana Jones swinging bridge, and canyons, and a forest of eucalyptus trees.
Have three very different activities in one spectacular event!  After the magical sunrise on Haleakala Summit, you will cruise down the 21 switchbacks to the beginning of the 5-line Haleakala zipline tour.
If you’re interested in only biking Haleakala, check out the Downhill Bike Tour! Choose between Sunrise, Pre-Dawn, and Day Bike Tours.
Witness the beauty of nature at Haleakala
Haleakala Sunrise
Start your day with a breathtaking sunrise!

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Pride of America cruise ship passengers are able to do these tours on Monday morning, and they will pick you up at the dock.

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