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Kauai Photo Tours


Available Monday through Saturday.

Join the staff of Kauai Photo Tours for an incredible island experience. You'll be taken to one gorgeous setting after another and take photos at Kauai's most picturesque locations. All tours are guided by experienced Kauai photographers. Each tour offers numerous carefully selected loactions to see, experience, and photograph.

Kauai Photo Tours takes the guesswork out of where to go, so you don't waste precious vacation time driving around trying to find spots. This tour is perfect for photographers and sightseers alike ... while photography information is often a topic of discussion, this is first and foremost a tour that takes you to scenic spots rather than a technical photography seminar. All tours are intimate ... the maximum number of participants in group tours is 7. Private tours for just you and/or your family are also offered.

Your guide will take you to these special places, and give inisight into best angles and techniques to maximize the quality of your photos. If you don't have a camera with you ... or if you want to try something that's a step up from your point and shoot ... Digital SLR cameras and polarizers are available for rent for just $34 during the tour.

All tours depart from the Kauai Photo Tours shop in Kapa'a town on Kauai's eastern shore. Pickup is available for cruise ship passengers at Nawiliwili Harbor and the rate varies depending on the size of your group or family ... $30 (for a group of 1-3 people) or $40 (for a group of 4 or more). Tours normally start at 10:30am and end between 3:30pm and 4:00pm. Private tours are available at specially requested times.

TOUR 1 - Drive-n-walk Tour: This is the most popular tour and visits the most photo sites ... up to 14 scenic spots in a 5+ hour tour. This tour normally covers the eastern and northern sides of the island of Kauai, and while some locations are a little off the beaten path, this is a tour with a modest amount of walking necessary at each stop. Snacks and drinks are included and a brief stop is made where lunch is available for purchase. Adults $119, Children 5-12 $89, no children under 5.

TOUR 2 - Moderate Hiking Tour: This more active tour involves some longer hikes at a few locations that includes a walk to a secluded waterfall. This tour normally covers the eastern and northern sides of the island of Kauai but because more time is spent hiking it does not go as far north as tour 1. Up to 10 scenic spots are visited on this tour. Snacks and drinks are included and a brief stop is made where lunch is available for purchase. This tour is for active, fit, healthy individuals. Adults $119, Children 5-12 $89, no children under 5.

TOUR 3 - Private Customized Tour: Have an experienced local Kauai photographer as your guide for 5+ hours ... you may customize the start time of this tour to match your group's needs. You may also request to go to particular areas of the island that are normally included on a group tour. Price is $439 for 1-2 people, $75 per additional adult, and $50 per additional child 12 and under

TOUR 4 - 2.5 Hour Portrait Tour: An experienced Kauai portrait photographer will take some truly spectacular professional Hawaiana photos of you and your family or group. Clothing changes OK ... price includes a DVD of all images taken with the guide's equipment. 10 of the best images can be Photoshop enhanced with special effects (Sepia tone, black and white, special filters, desaturation, etc) for just $100 additional. Price is $389 for 1-2 people, $75 per additional adult, and $50 per additional child 12 and under

TOUR 5 - 5.5 Hour Portrait Tour: This tour combines the 2.5 hour portrait package with a private customized tour to additional locations. Approximately 10 scenic spots are visited during your portrait tour. Price is $639 for 1-2 people, $75 per additional adult, and $50 per additional child 12 and under


No children under 5 on tour 1 and tour 2. Children under 5 on private/portrait tours only. A credit card number is required to guarantee a reservation with Kauai Photo Tours. A 20% deposit on group tours (15% on private tours) will be charged by Adventureinhawaii.com / Hawaii Travel and Tours and the balance of the tour cost will be paid at check in.

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Kauai Photo Tours are available for cruise ship passengers docked at Nawiliwili for the day. Pride of America passengers can do a group tour on day 1 on Kauai, or a private tour with an early start time on the morning of day 2. Pickup at Nawiliwili Harbor is available on all tours for $30 for your group. If you are a cruise ship passenger we will assume that you are not renting a car and will need harbor pickup ... if that is not the case please call us after placing your order using the form on the right.

Activity Tips

Kauai is the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands. It is the oldest island and receives more rainfall than the other major Hawaiian islands. This has created an island paradise of thundering waterfalls, majestic cliffs and spired or ancient lava rock, and a lush green tropical settting. Kauai has more miles of beaches than all the other Hawaiian islands PUT TOGETHER. It only makes sense to spend a day seeing these sites through the eyes of some local photographers.

These tours are equally good for the serious photographer who wants to learn "the lay of the land" by scouting locations to come back to later on your own, as well as the casual point-and-shoot photographer who may be looking for tips to improve their vacation photos, as well as the non-photographer who just wants to take in the scenery. This is not a photography workshop, but don't be surprised if you come away with a few pointers that make a big difference in what your eye sees when you point the camera.

One huge tip to help you improve your Hawaiian photography ... use a polarizer for a more saturated photo. A polarizer reduces the glare on the surface of reflective objects like the surface of the ocean, car windshields, foliage, etc and allows the color to make it all the way to your camera's image sensor. Kauai Photo Tours has a good selection of polarizers available for sale (including the extension tubes that allow them to be mounted to the front of many point-and-shoot cameras. Or you might even consider renting one of their Digital SLR's with exchangeable lenses during the tour ... to give you a taste of what serious amatuer / semi-professional equipment can do to the quality of your images.

A word about weather and this tour. Large rain making events and tropical storms can certainly cancel this tour and you will be gladly rescheduled to another day if possible ... if not you won't be charged for the tour. Kauai has FREQUENT light rain showers that don't affect this tour. The guides work around these ... even work WITH them at times ... and you'll learn to take good photos in a variety of weather conditions. Don't forget ... it's the RAIN that creates the RAINBOWS that you've seen so often in photos of Hawaiian landscapes! One other factor ... showers on Kauai are often LOCALIZED ... don't be discouraged if you wake up on the morning of your tour and see it raining at your resort. You may find that 5 miles away it's beautiful and sunny!





Kauai Photo Tour Reservations


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Please be sure that you have typed your email address perfectly; an incorrect address will prevent you from getting your confirmation details, and we will have no way of knowing that you never received your confirmation. We cannot be responsible for errors that clients make which causes them to miss their tour. If you do not see your email confirmation within 24 hours please call us right away to check on the status of your order.

A credit card is required to guarantee payment for your reservations, but the activities on this page ARE NOT CHARGED when your order is placed. These activities are operated by vendors who charge you at the time of check-in for your activity. Adventureinhawaii.com will provide this vendor with your billing information so that your space is reserved. Even though your credit card is not charged in advance, it is import to realize that you are making a confirmed reservation. No-shows will be charged in full by the activity provider on the credit card used to secure the reservation .

After making reservations, you may reschedule or cancel your activity up until 48 hours prior to its start (a few activities have 72 hour cancellation policies ... see your confirmation e-mail for details). Within 48 hours of the start of your activity all reservations are final and non-refundable (unless the event is cancelled by the vendor due to weather or other factors ... in which case you are refunded in full). Due to our incredible climate here, weather cancellations are rare.  No-shows and cancellations without adequate notice are charged in full on the credit card used to secure the reservation and are non-refundable.





Most rates quoted on this website do not include the Hawaiian state sales tax which adds 4.1667%, 

or the state harbor fee of 3% on boat excursions. Adventureinhawaii.com is a FREE reservations service;

 we have no hidden service charges or fees that we charge for servicing your reservation

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