Just Live Treetop Zipline

Treetop Zipline Tours operated by Just Live!

Just Live Treetop Zipline

Zip through a canopy of 200 foot tall Cook Pines

Just Live Treetop Zipline

Into the tree tops ... as you begin your descent down the mountain

Just Live Treetop Zipline

Your feet never touch the ground until the end of the tour

Just Live Treetop Zipline

7 treetop zip lines & 4 suspension bridges

Just Live Treetop Zipline

Suspended walkways take you from line to line

Just Live Treetop Zipline

Coming in for a smooth landing at the end of the tour

Due to storm damage, this zipline course is not currently operating.
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Treetop Zipline tours is the only zipline on Kauai that is totally ”up in the air”. You’ll be flying around from platforms that are mounted 60 – 80 feet in the air in a stand of 200 foot tall Norfolk Pines (also known as Cook Pines here in Hawaii). Just Live’s course is centrally located four miles west of Lihue on Highway 50, but their course is hidden in the trees and you can’t see it from the highway.

Treetop Zipline Tour: An amazing zipline canopy experience that combines 7 zipline runs with 4 unique and exciting canopy sky bridges. Your tour begins by climbing to the top of a platform where the first zipline leads you into the canopy. Then explore the canopy on a series of 4 more ziplines and 4 canopy sky bridges that lead from tree to tree. You’ll soar over pine, mango, eucalyptus, bamboo, and native plants and birds. The sixth zipline will lead you out of the trees to the final platform with its expansive mountain view, and the final zip takes you from the platform and returns you to the ground. The cool thing about this course is that once your feet leave the ground before the first zipline, you don’t return to the ground until the conclusion of the tour!

General Information

Schedule: 7:45am, 10am, and 12pm on Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday)

Duration: 3.5 hrs

Reservations: When you reserve a Just Live tour on our website your reservation will be guaranteed on your credit card. A 25% deposit will be charged just a few days before you leave home for Hawaii. The balance is paid when you check in for your tour. This tour operator only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD.

Check In: At the parking lot on the north side of Highway 50 at mile marker 4. This is about halfway between downtown Lihue and the famous “tree tunnel” on the way to Koloa and Poipu.

GPS: The intersection of Kaumualii Highway 50 and Cane Road (at mile marker 4) Click to view map

Tour includes: All safety gear, snacks, and beverages.

Restrictions: Ages 9 & up. 70 – 250 lbs. No pregnancies or heart conditions. No neck, back, hip, knee, ankle or foot injuries or conditions. All guests must be in good physical condition and possess some upper body strength. Guests must have the ability to run up ramps at the end of each zipline, cross canopy suspension bridges and ascend a 35 foot ladder climb. Guests will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate. There are no refunds for guests that back out at time of tour.

What to Bring & Wear: Long shorts or pants required, Closed toed shoes required (tennis shoe or light hiker). No water shoes or Crocs are allowed. Bring rain gear in wet weather. A small camera (camera lenses over 6 inches long are not allowed on tour).

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

treetop zipline
Glide through the Cook Pine trees
Zipline through trees
7 treetop zip lines & 4 suspension bridges

CCruise Ship Iconruise Ship Passengers

This tour is available for Pride of America cruise ship passengers on either the 12pm tour on day 1 or the 7:45am tour on day 2 in port. A cab or rental car is required to get to checkin. You might also consider the Princeville Ranch Zip and Dip in the afternoon of day one in port, as long as you plan to rent a car and do some exploring on your own. It is on the north shore of Kauai and you definitely need a rental car (the drive is about an hour). It is an easy, beautiful drive and the tour is well worth the effort. Kipu Ranch 3 hour Zipline Trek can also be done in the afternoon of day one in port and requires a drive of about 30 minutes to the check-in location.


Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

A few years ago no one ever heard of zipping … now it is the hottest activity on Kauai! All of these lines have been engineered and constructed to the highest standards meeting requirements set by ACCT (the Association for Challenge Course Technology). This is actually one of the SAFER things you will do on vacation. You are more likely to get hurt loading luggage into your rental car or hanging out at your resort’s swimming pool!

On the Treetop Zipline tour, instead of starting and ending on the ground you find yourself high in the trees during the entire experience. For those who are a little afraid of heights and the concept of zipping is a bit of a challenge to start with, you’d be better off with Princeville Ranch or Kauai Backcountry. If heights don’t bother you, it’s actually quite cool to be up in the air during the whole tour. You can actually feel the trees swaying a bit in the wind! On this course you are clipped in for safety the entire time, not just when you are zipping. And there is no walking from line to line as the next zip starts at the same tree where the previous one ended.

The Treetops Zipline is also kid friendly with a minimum age of 9 and a minimum weight of 65 pounds. Treetops Zipline allows you to take off backwards on some lines. They don’t allow you to invert yourself on their lines.

A word about the length of these tours … while there are published times regarding how long each tour takes to complete, these lengths are based upon average duration on a full tour. If your tour has active people who hike fast and don’t hesitate when they zip, the tour can be a little shorter in duration, especially if your tour time isn’t full. If your tour time is full and there are a few people who are slower on the tour, it could take a few minutes longer than the published duration.

Zipping is FUN … and it is addictive! If you have time and your budget allows, you might even decide to do two zipline tours during your vacation. Really … it’s that much fun! I talked with a client recently who did THREE zipline tours during one vacation. We have clients who have told us that they are making their vacation destination plans based upon the availability of zipline tours … if there are no zipline tours to do they’ll go someplace that has them! If you decide to take up their advice and do more than one zipline tour, we would suggest either Princeville Ranch or Kauai Backcountry for one tour, and either Treetops or Kipu Zipline for the other.

If you are having problems deciding, call our office toll-free at 1.877.678.7333 and we’ll help you sort things out and make a decision.