Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip

Princeville Ranch Zip'n Dip - 9 zip lines with a picnic at a private waterfall

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip safety check

Guides teach you the ropes and clip you in securely

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip side by side zipline

Photos of your adventure are available at the end of your tour

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip waterfall

Swim, jump, dive, float and enjoy a picnic lunch at a private waterfall

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip long zipline

Zip across the 2,500 acre ranch and capture all the action with a GoPro

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip suspension bridge

Crossing over the suspension bridge

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip zipline over a valley

Learning to zip is easy, exhilarating, safe and thrilling!

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip

Princeville Ranch Zip'n Dip - 9 ziplines & waterfall picnic

Princeville Ranch Zipline

Guides teach you the ropes and clip you in securely

Princeville Zip N Dip King Kong

Learning to zip is easy ... and lots of fun

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip waterfall

Swim, jump, dive, float and have lunch at the waterfall

Princeville Ranch suspension bridge

Princeville Ranch Zip N Dip

Princeville Ranch ziplining over a valley

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Come experience KING KONG, the newest and longest zipline on the Princeville Ranch adventure! Harness up and climb into Princeville Ranch’s all terrain open-air transporters for a short ride to the trailhead. Clip in and soar like a bird over breathtaking valleys and streams as you embark on a series of 9 zipline crossings. Walk through the treetops and over a waterfall on a suspension bridge that gives new meaning to the term “suspension.” After a series of zips and walks you arrive at a hidden treasure … an idyllic waterfall and swimming hole where the water is deep enough for you to jump from the surrounding rocks. You can swim, jump, float on an inner tube, or relax in a hammock while the guides prepare your picnic lunch. And new on this course is the tandem King Kong zipline … guests walk up to the top of a 26 foot tower and then zip for 1200 feet! This one-of-a-kind adventure gives you the chance to sail through the air while enjoying a bird’s eye view of a Hawaiian jungle paradise.

General Information
Schedule: 9am, 10:30am, 12:00pm and 1:15pm. This tour operates 7 days a week during peak season (summer, holiday weeks, spring break). Closed on Sundays during the rest of the year.

Duration: 4.5 hour

Reservations: Advanced reservations are required. When you reserve the Princeville Ranch Zip and Dip on our website your reservation will be guaranteed on your credit card. For most parties a 20% deposit will be charged just a few days before you leave home for Hawaii. The balance is paid when you check in for your tour. FOR PARTIES OF 6 or MORE the 20% deposit and the 80% balance are charged when your reservation is made.

Directions: One mile north of the Princeville Airport, on the ocean side of Kuhio Highway (Highway 56). Look for the green and yellow flags and the circular “Princeville Ranch Adventures” signs.

GPS: 4900 Kapaka Street, Princeville, HI is the cross street. Click to view map

Tour includes: Lunch (turkey or veggie)

Gear Provided: Helmets

Requirements: Close-toed shoes are required (sneakers, hiking boots, hard-toed sandals). No “5-finger” toe shoes, aqua socks or Crocs allowed. All-terrain, hard-toe trail sandals can be rented for $5 a pair.

What to Bring & Wear: Shorts (mid-thigh or longer), T-shirt, Sneakers, hard-toed hiking sandals or hiking boots. Wear a swimsuit beneath your clothes for swimming at the waterfall, Sunscreen, sunglasses & hat, Mosquito repellent & rain poncho, drinking water (32 ounces per person). Backpacks can be rented for $5.

Cancellation Policy: In addition to our normal 48 hour cancellation notice policy, they require a 72 hour notice of cancellation for groups of 6 or more.

Restrictions: Minimum age 10. Minimum weight 75 pounds. Maximum weight 280 pounds. No neck or back injuries or pregnant women. Observers cannot go along on the Zip ‘n Dip … access to the zipline course is via a 6 wheel drive Pinzgauer ride which has limited seating capacity. Also, the zipline course itself is not laid out to handle observers as there is no way to cross to the other side of the valley EXCEPT by zipline.

Note: If this tour is already sold out during your vacation, ask us about Zip Express. It is still a full 9 zipline course, but there is no lunch or waterfall swimming included. It costs $139.00 per person for 3.5 hrs.

Additional Information
Princeville Ranch Adventures operates 2 other tours that include zip lines.The Jungle Valley Adventure includes kayaking, hiking and two zip lines and is family friendly- with a minimum age of 5. The Ride N’ Glide combines horseback riding and 3 fun and fast zip lines. For more information see our Kauai Combo Tours or Princeville Ranch Stables.
Princeville Ranch Zip and Dip
Soar above the lush jungles
Jumping into swimming hole
Jump into a fresh swimming hole!

CCruise Ship Iconruise Ship Passengers

Princeville Ranch Zip and Dip works best for cruisers on the afternoon of day one in port … as long as they plan to rent a car and do some exploring on their own. It is on the north shore of Kauai and you definitely need a rental car (the drive is about an hour). It is an easy and beautiful drive and the tour is well worth the effort.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

A few years ago no one ever heard of zipping … now it is the hottest activity on Kauai! All of these lines have been engineered and constructed to the highest standards meeting requirements set by ACCT (the Association for Challenge Course Technology). This is actually one of the SAFER things you will do on vacation. You are more likely to get hurt loading luggage into your rental car or hanging out at your resort’s swimming pool!

Princeville Ranch’s lines have varying lengths, some of which are SOOOOO long I just can’t figure out how they were able to string them up in the first place! (did they use a helicopter?) They have courses that have multiple lines and you do each line once. Every line is a little different, but are tightly strung from pole to pole, and each requires a little instruction about what to expect … the guides say things like “The wind is in your face on this one so you need to get a running start” or “This landing has a steep incline … as soon as your feet hit the ground keep running.” These lines move along at a pretty fast pace, but not so fast that you can’t enjoy the scenery around you. There is a total of about one mile hiking in between lines.

Princeville Ranch has 9 lines that cross back and forth over gullies (actually one line is so long that it feels like you are crossing an entire VALLEY). Their brand new King Kong line is 1200 feet long and it is a TWIN line, which means two people zip side by side at the same time. They also have one gnarly (ie. fun) suspension bridge that you need to clip onto for safety when you cross. Princeville Ranch gets the edge over other ziplines on Kauai as their swimming hole has a private waterfall and is a really pretty spot.

Princeville Ranch allows you to take off backwards, although some lines they won’t let you do it because you can’t get a running start. They will also let you spin and the guide will “wind you up” a few times before you start out if that sounds like fun!

A word about observers. It is not possible for observers to go along with Princeville Ranch … they start from remote locations and once you begin the tour you have to zip to the end to be able to end the tour.

A word about the length of these tours … while there are published times regarding how long each tour takes to complete, these lengths are based upon average duration on a full tour. If your tour has active people who hike fast and don’t hesitate when they zip, the tour can be a little shorter in duration, especially if your tour time isn’t full. If your tour time is full and there are a few people who are slower on the tour, it could take a few minutes longer than the published duration.

Zipping is FUN … and it is addictive! If you have time and your budget allows, you might even decide to do two zipline tours during your vacation. Really … it’s that much fun! I talked with a client recently who did THREE zipline tours during one vacation. We have clients who have told us that they are making their vacation destination plans based upon the availability of zipline tours … if there are no zipline tours to do they’ll go someplace that has them! If you decide to take their advice and do more than one zipline tour, we would suggest either Princeville Ranch or Kauai Backcountry for one tour, and either Treetops or Kipu Zipline for the other.

If you are having problems deciding, call our office toll-free at 1.877.678.7333 and we’ll help you sort things out and make a decision. If you are debating between zip lines, we recommend doing the one that is closer to your resort.