Kipu Safari paddling

Kipu Zipline Safari - let's you do it all! Paddle, Ride & Fly!

Kipu Safari paddling

Start with an easy two mile kayak on the beautiful Hule'ia River

Kipu Safari piglets in 3000 acre ranch

Hop on the farm wagon and take in the diverse views of the 3,000 acre Ranch

Kipu Safari zipline

Kipu Safari thrills you - with 3 unique and exhilarating zipline experiences

Kipu Safari zipline

Traverse the lands of "Jurassic Park" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

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Kipu Safari is a combination adventure that offers it all … participants will be kayaking, hiking, zipping, swimming, riding in a covered wagon, and finally being taken back to the starting point by motorized Hawaiian canoe. The day begins with an upstream paddle … sounds hard, but on this river the trip upstream is easier. There is very little current and the wind is typically at your back. Next you’ll cross the ranch in a covered wagon and witness movie locations that were used in filming “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Jurassic Park.”

Following a break for a picnic lunch, you’ll be equipped with your harness and enjoy three different zipline experiences. First is a scenic 800′ line that towers over the trees below. You’ll traverse a suspension bridge and go through a tunnel to reach the second zipline …a monstrous 1800′ tandem line. Finally you’ll come to the short but fun “water zip” where you let go and fall into the “Blue Pool” swimming hole. The water zip can be done multiple times. Finally, a motorized canoe will return you to your starting point.

General Information
Schedule: Currently offered Monday and Thursday

Duration: 7 hours

Reservations: When you reserve the Kipu Safari on our website your reservation will be guaranteed on your credit card. The tour operator will charge you at the time of check in.

Check In: At the Kayak Shack at Nawiliwili Harbor near downtown Lihue (the town where the airport is located) at 9:00am and will return around 3:45pm. Click to view map

Tour includes: Lunch (turkey or veggie wrap, pasta salad, and cookies) and beverages

Restrictions: All participants will walk two miles & kayak 60-90 minutes. In order to participate in the zipline portion of the tour, passengers must weigh less than 275lbs in order to fit into the safety harness, and the minimum age requirement is seven years of age and they must also fit safely in the provided harness.  Those who are too young to zip must be accompanied by an adult for the shuttle ride to the other side of the ziplines. Minimum age for kayaking and other activities is 7.

What to Bring & Wear: Swimsuit, shorts, t-shirt, windbreaker or light rain coat, and footwear with aggressive tread for muddy conditions. Hat, sunscreen, bug spray and a waterproof camera.

Note: Observers who do not plan to zip may go along but the price is the same for everyone who attends the tour … whether or not they do the ziplines.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

kipu safari kayak
Start your journey with a 2 mile kayak
kipu safari ziplining
Zipling is also part of the adventure

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Kipu Safari can be done on Thursday morning as the check in location is a short walk from the pier.    


Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

Just a few years ago no one ever heard of zipping … now it is the hottest activity on Kauai! These combination tours offer an activity that includes a little bit of zipping and are designed for people who want to try it once or twice but aren’t quite sure if they are up to an 8 zipline course. Kayaking, hiking, and zipping make a good combination. Our guess is most people who do these tours will wish they had signed up for a longer zipline course too. Zip once and you’ll want to do it again and again.

If you plan to sign up for a combination tour AND a full zipline course for the same vacation, we suggest doing the combination tour first. This will allow the zipping to “build up” to your longer adventure.

Kipu Safari is the best choice for families with younger kids. The minimum age for this tour is 7. Children must also fit safely in the harness. Occasionally a child who is small for their age may be old enough to zip, but the guide will determine if that they aren’t large enough to safely fit in the harness. The decision on whether a child is big enough is a safety issue and is up to the guide’s discretion. Even if a determination is made that a child is too small, there is plenty to do on this tour … they will still be able to enjoy the waterfall swim and may be able to do the “water zip.”