Some people do it because it’s the best workout on the water. Others do it to access surf spots that are difficult to reach when laying down on a board and paddling. The biggest reason this ancient sport has seen a modern revival in recent years is because it is a really fun way to experience the water. Stand Up Paddleboarding is not difficult because these guys will match you up to a board that is just the right size for you. It’s great exercise and there is nothing like the feeling of paddling around on Hanalei Bay while looking down on coral heads you can see below the surface.
Now having fun is as easy as standing up … and you can go home and tell everyone that you learned to walk on water while on vacation in Hawaii! This tour combines SUP lessons, paddling downwind on a placid jungle stream, hiking, and water fun at the Blue Pool, home to a fun jumping/diving platform and an insanely fun water zip line!
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The Kauai stand up paddleboarding lessons are available in Hanalei in the late morning of day one for NCL passengers; a rental car is required as the drive is about an hour from the dock. We can arrange a rental car including a shuttle pickup at the dock.


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Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

It is hard to believe how quickly stand up paddleboarding has taken off here in the Hawaiian islands. It’s refreshing to see a sport that is so old and so little known suddenly make a resurgence. Five years ago it was rare to see someone doing this. Now my wife has a board and paddles around with our dog. The nice thing about SUP is that, unlike surfing, you don’t need to have big waves to enjoy this. As a matter of fact, most SUP’ers prefer calm flat water for just cruising around. It’s really strange these days to look out on a calm tranquil ocean and see a dozen people standing up a quarter of a mile off shore.

SUP is not hard … as long as you get matched to a board that is the proper size for your height and weight. If the board isn’t big enough, balance can tricky and your going to fall a LOT. If the board is too big, you couldn’t fall in the water if you tried. The best board for you is sized just in between. The constant micro adjustments that your body has to make to keep yourself balanced on the board is great exercise. It is a very healthy, low demand workout that uses muscles you didn’t even know you had (and previously never needed). It’s very healthy and a lot of fun. On a calm day with clear water and no swell, it’s just incredible to paddle around on the bay and look down at coral a few feet under the surface. And when winter swells sweep into Hanalei Bay, you can cruise on the flat water of the Hanalei River instead. Hanalei SUP location makes it easy to go either way.

Want to see how popular this sport is? Jennifer Aniston was recently photographed paddling around on the Hanalei River. Just Google “Jennifer Anniston SUP” and click on the image tab. You’ll find them. You’ll also find photos of Kate Hudson, Pierce Brosnan and Matthew McConaughey that are literally “floating” around the internet. You never know who you’ll bump into on this river!

For those staying on the south or central part of the island, consider the Jungle SUP Adventure Tour. It’s not just a SUP lesson … it also includes hiking, swimming and a fun water zip!