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Big Island - Ziplines of Kohala

There are two excellent zipline courses in the Kohala area, which is located about an hour's drive north of Waikoloa at the very northern tip of the Big Island. One is a traditional zipline tour with 8 lines and 1 suspension bridge. The other has 9 ziplines, but adds a collection of long suspension bridges and two 30 foot vertical rappels to form the Big Island's only "aerial trekking course."

Kohala Zipline Canopy Adventure


Price: $169.00 per adult; $139 per child (ages 8-12 ... minimum age is 8 and minimum weight is 70 pounds)

Join the staff of Kohala Zipline for the Big Island's only true aerial trekking canopy zipline experience. This course features elevated suspension bridges, soaring tree platforms, and thrilling ziplines. Once you walk across that first bridge and out to the first tree platform, you are off the ground and high in the trees for the entire tour ... except for a snack and rest room break halfway through. And how do you get down to the ground to take this break??? That's easy ... you take your own personal elevator ... a 30 foot true vertical free hanging rappel! Sounds difficult? It isn't. Your highly trained and safety consious guides will have you zipping and rappeling and navigating the suspension bridges in no time! Guests are clipped into redundant belay points at all times while off the ground.

After your brief ground stop it's on to the second half of the course where more thrilling ziplines and bridges await your exploration. The final zipline is an 1100' tandem line where you can race one of your companions. This line even crosses over the Kohala Ditch, home to the famous fluming the ditch experience. See our activity tips section below for our suggestions on doing BOTH the zipline and the ditch tour in one eventful day!

Kohala Zipline has several unique and state of the art features that are not found on other zipline tours in Hawaii. They feature WhisperLines ... all the steel cables have been coated with nylon to make them super quiet as you zip. They also have a one-of-a-kind smooth-stop braking system which allows guests to control their own speed on each zipline! And if you brake too much and come up a few feet short of the next platform ... no worries. Their system lets you pull yourself the last few feet almost effortlessly. Whether you are an experienced zipline enthusiast or a first-time zipline adventure seeker, the Kohala Zipline Canopy Tour will be an unforgettable experience!

Location: Check in is at the Kohala Zipline store on the right hand side of the road as you enter the town of Kapa'au, which is the next town past Hawi on the very northern tip of the Big Island. Drive time from Kona is approximately 95 minutes, Waikoloa is 50 minutes, and Hilo is two hours and 10 minutes.

Schedule: Tours are approximately 3-4 hours in length and are held seven days a week at 8am, 9am, 10am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, and 2:30pm

Tour Includes: Offroad excursion in an all-wheel drive vehicle from their store to the zipline course, 9 ziplines of various lengths with the longest line being a tandem racing line of 1100', numerous suspension bridges, a 30 foot rappel, a light snack and water, rain wear, all safety gear (helmets, gloves, and harness)

Weight Guidelines: Guests MUST weigh a minimum of 70 pounds and a maximum of 270 pounds. A scale is used at checkin and no refunds are given for anyone who misrepresented their weight when making a reservation.

Physical Limitations: No pregnant women, and no one with recent neck / back / bone injuries may participate. The zipline course requires a low to medium degree of physical stamina and is suitable for most guests who are in good health. Guests must be able to walk over uneven terrain and a handle on short uphill climb. The minimum age is 8 and the minimum weight is 70 pounds.

Group Size: Minimum 4 guests and maximum of 8 guests per tour. In the unlikely event that tour minimums are not met, the tour operator will contact you to adjust your tour time.

What to Bring & Wear: Closed-toed shoes that fit securely on your feet (like sneakers or hiking boots), long pants or shorts that are longer (approaching knee length), shirts with sleeves (no tank tops). A sweater or light jacket is also recommended.

Cancellation / Weather Policy: 48 hours advanced notice required to cancel a tour. No refunds are given for tours canceled within 48 hours. Tours go out rain or shine; no refunds are given for weather cancellations unless the tour operator cancels the entire tour due to extreme weather.  


Big Island Eco Adventures Zipline


Price: $169.00 per participant

The beautiful North Kohala Coast has been discovered in recent years by Big Island vacationers thanks in part to the introduction of Big Island Eco Adventures, which opened the first zipline course on the Big Island here in 2009. While their first course was a resounding success, some of the lines were pretty short and just a few feet off the ground. Big Island Eco Adventures has opened a new, completely redesigned course at a location closer to Hawi town, which cuts down on the tranportation time to get from their headquarters to the zipline course. The unique terrain, the scent of ginger and guava, and the tropical birdsongs all combine to create a magical setting for an enchanting and exhilarating zip line experience.

Their new course consists of eight ziplines of various lengths. The first few lines start off in the trees, with lines that are longer and higher than the ones offered on their first course. There is a long suspension bridge during this portion of the tour ... don't worry though because you are clipped into a safety line as you cross this bridge. After four lines a break is taken at a treehouse which offers a panoramic view of the valley you will be zipping across next; freshly baked banana bread, local fruit kabobs, trail mix, and juice and water are served. Your previous line will have taken you to the edge of a macademia nut farm where you are welcome to pick up a few and crack them during your break.

The second half of the course gets higher and longer, and in most cases travels ABOVE the trees ... not just through them. The guides are well-trained and safety-conscious, and the entire operation is done with a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Ziplining in general is a low-impact tourist activity. Big Island Eco-Adventures respects and appreciates the unspoiled beauty of this land. A Big Island Eco Adventures Zipline is one adventure that few will want to miss! If you have never done a zipline tour before, now is your chance! Go for it!

Location: Check in is at their baseyard on I'ole Road just past the King Kamehameha Statue in the town of Kapa'au. Drive time from Kona is approximately 90 minutes, Waikoloa is 45 minutes, and Hilo is 120 minutes.

Schedule: Tours are approximately 3 hours in length and are held seven days a week starting at 8am ... tours are held every 30 minutes ... the last tour is at 2pm.

Tour Includes: Offroad excursion in a 6 wheel drive vehicle from the baseyard to the zipline course, 8 ziplines of various lengths with the longest line being 1600', a suspension bridge, snacks including fruit kabob, banana cake, trail mix, water, and Aloha beverages served at a pavilion at a panoramic point.

Weight Guidelines: Guests MUST weigh a minimum of 90 pounds and a maximum of 250 pounds. A scale is used at checkin and no refunds are given for anyone who misrepresented their weight when making a reservation.

Physical Limitations: No pregnant women, and no one with recent neck / back / bone injuries may participate. The zipline course requires a low to medium degree of physical stamina and is suitable for most guests who are in good health.

Group Size: Tour limited to a maximum of 10 guests.

What to Bring & Wear: Closed-toed shoes that fit securely on your feet (like sneakers or hiking boots), long pants or shorts that are longer (approaching knee length), shirts with sleeves (no tank tops). Also bring a water bottle, camera, day pack, etc.

Cancellation / Weather Policy: 48 hours advanced notice required to cancel a tour. No refunds are given for tours canceled within 48 hours. Tours go out rain or shine; no refunds are given for weather cancellations unless the tour operator cancels the entire tour due to extreme weather.  



Because of the distance from cruise ship docks in Hilo and Kona, these tours are not practical for our cruise ship clients. We recommend doing the Hilo zipline tour or a zipline tour on Kauai instead.


Kauai and Maui vacationers have enjoyed the luxury of multiple zipline tour options for years. Our Big Island clients have been clamoring for this kind of activity for some time. Well, the wait finally ended in 2009 and we were thrilled to offer the Big Island Eco Adventures zipline tour to our clients.

Two years later there are now multiple zipline courses on the Big Island. This page features the two that are located on the northern tip of the Big Island in the Kohala area. Most people will do their zipline tour at one of these two courses because it is closer than the drive to the ziplines found in the Hilo area. Read this page thoroughly and we'll help you decide which is the right course for you.

The best way to compare these two courses is to experience them one right after the other, and that's EXACTLY what I did. Two zipline courses ... two days in a row ... hey, it's a tough job but SOMEONE has to make sure you have a great vacation and I'm here for you, baby! We don't care which course you do ... we just want you to do the course that's best for you!

Day 1 - Big Island Eco Adventures - After enthusiastically endorsing this tour a few years ago, I had HIGH expectations for their longer, faster, higher new course. In almost every respect they delivered on those expectations. Their old course had a few lines that were really short ... some first time zippers actually liked them so they can "ease" into things. The new course is not as remote, meaning it doesn't take as much time to get there. The previous course was a long, bumpy ride in their Pinzgauer and some people enjoyed that journey more than others. Their new lines run great ... great speed at the bottom of each line ... yet that speed seems to drop down at just the right moment so that your landing isn't jarring. I think they have the lines tensioned just right. On the second line one of our guides kicked a tree which sent him spinning around and round while zipping ... a tactic immitated by several other people in our tour group. This course has no really short lines. Good length, good speed, yet landings were not jarring. A good time was had by all.

As we approached the snack break in the middle of the tour our guides realized that the group ahead of us was running behind schedule. Rather than make us wait, they suggested that we walk uphill a short ways and redo two of the lines. You gotta admire someone who likes their job enough to make it longer and more work! They instantly turned our 8 zipline course into a 10 zipline course ... kudos! The only way that this new location fell short of the old one was the sheer beauty of the land at the old location. Their old course was at a higher elevation, extremely remote, and offered several waterfall views. Their new course doesn't offer those waterfalls. The flip side is their new course won't jar all the fillings loose from your teeth on the way there either.

Day 2 - Kohala Zipline - This new tour is a sister company to Hawaii Forest and Trail, a very well respected tour operator that we've used for years to send our clients on waterfall hikes, Kilauea Volcano tours, and the sunset and star gazing experience on Mauna Kea. That gives this new course instant credibility because Hawaii Forest and Trail and the owner, Rob Pacheco, has a commitment to the highest level of quality in everything they do. I met with Rob for lunch just before doing the tour, and he explained to me all the things that make their course unique. As I walked across the first bridge and onto the platform at the start of line one, it was immediately obvious that this course is indeed unique. Looking out over the platforms that were high in the trees, seeing the LONG suspension bridges running from tree to tree ... the scene is reminiscent of the magical Ewok forest of Star Wars fame! This is a cool forest setting unlike any other!

The first zipline was a short trainer line, and on this line you learn how to control your speed ... this is the only course on the Big Island where you have the ability to do that. All the other courses you stop by hitting a brake that is deployed by the guide on the receiving end of the line. They do that here too, just in case a guest still comes in too fast. But slowing yourself down is easy ... and it makes for a very smooth landing and gives you more hands-on involvement during the tour. These lines do run a lot quieter because of the nylon coating on the cable, which makes the forest feel more pristine. When you land at a platform you are still high up in the trees, so before disconnecting you from the zipline the guide attaches you to a belay point on cables around the tree.

After a few more ziplines that got longer and longer, we encountered the first set of suspension bridges. They are long, high, and the steps are p r e t t y f a r a p a r t (see the slideshow above) ... making for a heart thumping crossing for most folks. While on these bridges you are clipped to a belay line that removes the DANGER of falling ... but not your FEAR of falling ... haha. These high and long suspension bridges will play with your head at first, but as you learn to trust the equipment you'll reach a point where trekking high in the trees is a truly memorable experience! I felt like a flying squirrel at times!

Halfway through the tour you will take a break from the trees, and the only way down is to do a 30 foot vertical rappel! Sounds intimidating ... you've never done that before right??? Neither had I! The guide explained it clearly, demonstrated it for us, and with one guide at the top and one at the bottom it was easy ... and it was a blast ... and was my favorite part of the tour! You get to do one more of these rappels at the end of the course too!

After our brief break from the trees, the next zipline starts high up on a ridge and zips back out to a platform to return you to the trees for the second half of the tour and your feet won't touch the ground again until the conclusion of your adventure. Some of these lines are long enough and the trees tight enough that you can't see the landing platform from your "take off point" which adds another level of excitement to the experience! The final tandem racing line is almost a quarter of a mile long. All in all, this tour takes ziplining to another level ... literally ... with the whole experience lifted off the ground.

Summary of These Tours -- Honestly I think you will have a great time on either of these tours. While the Big Island Eco Adventures Zipline has slightly longer lines on average, there isn't THAT much difference between the length of the lines. My opinion is that all the other elements of the Kohala Zipline ... the treetops trekking, the suspension bringes, the vertical rappels ... all these elements combine to form a zipline experience that is a true aerial adventure! It isn't a more difficult tour, but it is more challenging because it takes you even further out of your daily hum-drum ground-based existence. If you have an extreme fear of heights though ... we suspect you'd prefer a zipline tour where your feet hit the ground in between every line. If that's the case, you can't go wrong with Big Island Eco Adventures.

Both of these courses are pretty and offer a great feel for the north shore forests; while both courses have seasonal streams neither offers waterfall. There is one very awesome waterfall zipline course in the Hilo area that we also highly recommend if you are up for a drive that will take an extra hour or so each way. If so, you should also see our Hilo zipline tour page that features the Umauma Zipline Experience. While they are a further drive from the resorts, they do offer a thrilling zipline tour with amazing views of more waterfalls than I could count (while zipping past them at high speed)!

If you decide to do either one of these ziplines, we highly recommend you combine it with the Kohala Ditch Adventure ... this will allow you to do a water activity and a zipline in the same day (and save yourself a second drive out to the Kohala area). Either of these ziplines is just minutes away from the Kohala Ditch checkin ... we suggest that you do the Ditch tour in the morning which is typically the sunniest time of the day, change clothes, grab lunch in between tours, and then do your zipline (either course ... whichever one your select) at the 1pm time slot. The Ditch adventure adds another $129 per adult and $65 per child ... and to make it easy to reserve both you just have to select "AM Ditch PM Zipline" using the form at right and we'll reserve both tours for the same day for you. Both ziplines are available 7 days a week, but the Ditch tour is closed on Sundays.

By the way, zipline tours do not require any special levels of upper body strength ... guests wear a harness and are clipped into the zip line pulley using redundant lines. When you see photos of zippers holding onto a bar or a strap, it's just for steering purposes to keep facing forward. You don't actually have to hold on to hold yourself up! These courses are professionally installed to the highest level of zipline industry standards. Weight restrictions have nothing to do with the ability of the line to hold someone's weight ... the lines are engineered to hold the weight of a pregnant elephant! If a person is too light, they may not make it all the way to the other side. This isn't really a safety issue as the guides can easily deploy a line and pull the partially unzipped zipper to the other side ... or in the case of Kohala Zipline you can easily get the rest of the way by pulling yourself over. But this process adds time and delays the tour. A person who is over the weight limit would come in just a little too fast on many lines, and create braking issues that could be jarring. So, weight limits are there for everyone's safety and enjoyment of the tour.

One word of caution: after you do one of these tours you will never ever want to go anywhere on vacation again if they don't have a zipline for you to enjoy! Yes, it's that much fun!






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