Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour Halemaumau Crater

Halemaumau Crater doubled in width and tripled in depth in 2018!

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour steam vents

The summit rim is lined with steam vents - you can feel the heat!

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour - Bike around the most active volcano in the world!

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

Biking through the lush rainforest in the Crater Rim

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

Another look into Halemaumau Crater at the Kilauea Summit Caldera

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

The Devestation Trail ... land coverd by 1500' tall lava fountains in 1959

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

Kilauea Iki was the source of 1959 lava fountains.

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

Pauahi Crater ... what it looks like now, and what it looked like in 1973

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

Where recent lava flows meet the sea ... and Kilauea tour stops for picnic lunch

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour ancient lava flows

See the Holei Sea Arch before the pounding waves destroy it.

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Kilauea Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and there is no more exhilarating way to explore this natural wonder than cruising on a bicycle tour. Riding through volcano country will bring your senses alive … you will experience the volcano in a more intimate way as you see and smell and feel the aura of this natural wonder. The scenery here is changing constantly … the ground swells and subsides, lava flows alter the contour of the land, ocean entries create new land, black sand beaches form, sea cliffs erode. The May 2018 eruption brought changes that were unprecedented in Hawaii’s recorded history. Bike Volcano now offers two distinctly different tours for you to see these changes firsthand.

Biking is done on paved roads or paths … mostly level or downhill with a few dips here and there that require some mild uphill peddling. These are not difficult rides, but they are not for absolute beginners or people who have little or no bike riding experience. A support vehicle follows behind at all times, so if there are any issues while biking, people can take a break and ride in the van at any time during the tour.

Bike Volcano offers a selection of several tour itineraries, but space is very limited and they only operate ONE TOUR PER DAY! The best way to guarantee your space AND to guarantee the tour you prefer is offered on your date is to MAKE YOUR RESERVATION well in advance of your visit to the Big Island (i.e. NOW). Without planning this one in advance it is possible that the tour you prefer will not be available once you arrive in Hawaii … it is even possible during peak travel periods that all their available space on ALL TOURS will be sold out during your entire vacation. Don’t let this happen to you … decide which tour is for you and reserve it NOW!

Kilauea Volcano Bike Tour

This is Bike Volcano’s signature tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as you explore Kilauea Volcano from it’s 4,000 foot summit all the way to the sea. Your exciting day begins at the Visitors Center in the park, where you will receive a tour orientation. The starting point is at the Kilauea Overlook, where you will get your first glance of the immense summit caldera. Your guide will give you an informative overview of the eruption history at the summit. You will then be fitted for a high quality mountain bike and safety equipment and receive a safety briefing.

Your professional interpretive guide will take you through fantastic terrain, all on mostly downhill and leveled paved roads/trails, while sharing geological and mythological information with you. From lush ancient Hawaiian rainforests to dynamic lava landscapes, you will experience a variety of micro climates, huge craters, steaming vents, and impressive lava flows (both young and old). Bike as much or as little of this majestic tour; the support van will always be close by.

The adventure continues as you wind your way through the rainforest and down the Chain of Craters Road. You will see several large pit craters, a lava shield volcano, and petrified lava trees. The bike route ends at Mau Loa O Mauna Ulu where you’ll experience the massive Mauna Ulu lava flow. There are many stops along the bike route to view and photograph this incredible volcanic scenery and learn about the history of this ever-changing dynamic landscape.

At the conclusion of biking, you will board the support van and ride all the way to the end of Chain of Craters Road to the place where Kilauea lava flows have frequently entered the ocean in the last few decades. Lunch will be served oceanside where you will see the Holei Sea Arch.

Tour Time: Approximately 10am to 3pm. Tour length can vary slightly depending on group size and speed and ability of riders.

Pickup / Meeting Locations: 8:30am Hilo Cruise Ship Dock return at 4pm (especially Tuesday when Pride of America is in port … can be adjusted if your ship arrival time is different) 8:40am Hilo Hawaiian Hotel return 3:50pm and the address is 71 Banyan Drive, Hilo  or 9:30am Kilauea General Store in Volcano Village return at 3:10pm and the address is 19-3972 Old Volcano Road.

Biking Mileage: 15.5 miles of mostly downhill and level paved roads.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Bike Volcano also offers a 2.5-3 hour, scaled-down version of the Kilauea Tour for those who just want a little bit of biking. This shorter tour is $37 less per biker than the full Kilauea Bike Tour. Because it is less popular we don’t offer it on our reservations form, but if you prefer this shorter tour you can call us at 877-678-7333 and we will arrange it for you over the phone. We only recommend this tour for groups of 5 or more so that your date can be confirmed without requiring the tour operator to sell additional seat. Bike Volcano has requires 5 bikers for a tour to be “go” … this is seldom an issue for their full-day Kilauea Tour and full-day Bike to Pele tour, but CAN be an issue for the shorter half-day Kilauea Tour.

Bike to Pele Tour

This tour takes you to lower Puna and the Eastern Rift Zone of Kilauea, the scene of the massive May 2018 lava outbreak. This area is outside of the national park, and has been the scene of numerous “flank eruptions” and has sections where roads have been buried and houses destroyed. It is an area of contrast, as you bike through lush tropical jungles and towering coconut palms reminiscent of old Hawaii … until you hit the edge of a recent lava flow and you suddenly feel like you’ve been transported to a lunar landscape.

The tour begins at the Star of the Sea Painted Church, which was physically moved to save it from the 1990 lava flow that destroyed most of the town of Kalapana. There you will be fitted with a bicycle and helmet, then receive a short safety orientation. Our journey begins on the renown “Red Road”, a less traveled road along the coastline of the lower Puna district. Although few visitors have discovered this area, it is thought to be one most scenic roads in the State of Hawaii. Our Interpretive Guide will stop at various historic eruption points along our course and provide you with information about the 1955 and 1990 eruptions and other significant events that have taken place in this area as we bike towards the brand new lava flow from the May 2018 eruption. Here is where the road ends, as it now disappears under the lava as it made its unstoppable march toward the sea.

After biking, the air conditioned van will then take you on a short drive to our lunch stop, which is included with the tour. Following lunch you will take a short hike to Kaimu Black Sand Beach, created in the 1990 eruption.

Tour Time: Approximately 10am to 3pm. Tour length can vary slightly depending on group size and speed and ability of riders.

Pickup / Meeting Locations: 8:30am Hilo Cruise Ship Dock return at 4pm (especially Tuesday when Pride of America is in port … can be adjusted if your ship arrival time is different) 8:40am Hilo Hawaiian Hotel return 3:50pm and the address is 71 Banyan Drive, Hilo  or 9:30am Pahoa Malama Market Place return at 3:10pm and the address is 15-2660 Keaau-Pahoa Road, Pahoa (next to the Aloha Gas Station).

Biking Mileage: 10 miles roundtrip with mostly level pavement with ups and downs, but more peddling and less coasting than the Kilauea tour. There is also a 1/2 mile roundtrip hike to the beach with minimal elevation gain.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Intermediate.

General Information
Regular Schedule: Tours normally offered Monday through Friday.

Saturday or Sunday tours can sometimes be accommodated by special request for groups of 6 or more. Call 1-877-678-7333 to make a special request for a weekend date for your group.

Duration: Tour duration is approximately 5 hours, but tour length can vary depending on the speed of bikers and weather conditions.

Bike distance: Approximately 14 miles … mostly flat and gently descending slopes.

Pick up: Cruise ship passengers – Hilo cruise ship dock at typically 8:30am, but is adjusted to match your cruise ship’s arrival time for ships arriving later than 8:00am. Guests from Hilo – Hilo Hawaiian Hotel on Banyan Drive (71 Banyan Dr, Hilo, HI 96720 Click to view map) at typically at 8:45am. Guests from Kona / Waikoloa area can drive on your own and meet the tour at Volcanoes National Park, typically 9:30am. Please allow ample time for the drive from Kona – about 3 hours.

Tour includes: Deli lunch (turkey, ham & cheese, tuna, or veggie) and beverages. Van support throughout tour if you need to take a break from biking and ride in the van anytime during the tour.

Gear Provided: High quality mountain bikes, helmets, gloves, bike bag, and rain jackets

What to Bring & Wear: Layered clothing, closed toed Shoes, sun glasses, sunscreen, and camera

Cancellation / Weather Policy: The bike tour goes out rain or shine. If there are severely adverse weather conditions you will be notified and your tour will be rescheduled. If inclement weather happens during the tour and conditions become unsafe to bike you can take a break and ride in the van.

Restrictions: Minimum age to ride a bike is 5, but children under 4’10″ and/or under 85 pounds will have a “tag-along” bike that connects to a parent’s bike. Parents must have the ability to ride with a tag along and keep up with the group. If the parent is unable to keep up with the group, or the child is too little to ride a bike of their own, the child may be required to ride in the van. All van riders must be able to walk with the group and enter/exit the van without the need of assistance.

Rider Requirements: No complete beginners – all riders need to know how to ride a bike. Closed toed shoes and eye protection (sunglasses) are required. No pregnant women or riders with heart or respiratory problems are allowed on the tour.

Tour Minimums: A minimum of five participants are required to operate these tours … if your party size is less than 5 and they don’t get other bookings for your date, the tour operator will contact you to reschedule your tour on a date when they have other bookings.

Note: Temperatures at the summit (4000′ above sea level) sometimes range in the low 60′s to upper 70′s. Exact tour route and features subject to modification based upon volcanic activity / weather conditions, etc.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

kilauea bike tour
Ride through lush fern forests
kilauea crater with bikes
Bike around Kilauea Volcano

CVolcano Bike Toursruise Ship Passengers

The Volcano Bike Tours are available for cruise ship passengers who are in port in Hilo. Round trip transportation is included.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

We are very excited to now offer this unique way to experience Kilauea Volcano! The sights you see in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are large-scale and breathtaking. Touring the Park by bicycle is absolutely the most unique and exciting ride anywhere on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will feel the heat: you will see, hear, smell , and almost TASTE this active volcano on this tour; all of these senses are heightened as you ride around this volcano on a bicycle.

The physical demands of these tours are rather moderate. You don’t have to be in shape for a marathon as most of the riding is level or downhill. If you get tired, the support van is always there for you to take a break – so don’t let your physical conditioning level determine your participation. You do need to be in over-all good health and you DO NEED TO KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. If you haven’t been on a bike in 20 years, you really should practice before contemplating this ride! Borrow a friend’s bike and ride around in your neighborhood. It will boost your confidence and help you enjoy this tour a lot more. While this tour is completely suitable for an average bike rider, your ability to safely do this ride is based upon you and your ability to competently steer, brake, and peddle a bicycle. If you can do that, you’ll enjoy this tour. If you can’t do that, WE DON’T WANT YOU TO TRY.

Bike Volcano includes comfortable, new mountain bikes that feature disc brakes, fenders, and have a comfortable upright seating position. Helmets, gloves, and a rain jacket are provided. Riders should be prepared for a VARIETY OF WEATHER CONDITIONS on this tour. It is common to experience chilly misty weather at the 4000 foot summit of Kilauea, and hot and dry conditions at sea level … all on the same day. Participants must wear closed toed shoes and eye protection (sunglasses) and should dress in layers. Summit temperatures can be in the low 60′s (or even high 50′s in the wintertime) and temperatures on the ocean flats can be in the mid 80′s. The Kilauea Tour will obviously face cooler temperatures than the Bike to Pele tour, which happens mostly at or near sea level.

OK so you know you want to see the volcano and you know you want to bike around the area. The question is “Which tour should I do?” These tours are very different. The Kilauea tour happens inside the National Park and is going to give you more of a larger-scale view and understanding of Kilauea Volcano and its history. You’ll see the newly-expanded Halemaumau Firepit inside Kilauea Caldera, several craters that have been the sites of past eruptions, and lava flows that have made their way from the summit area to the coastal plane. The “Bike to Pele” tour features a taste of Old Hawaii’s jungles and tropical views, with sudden changes in landscape when you hit the edge of a recent lava flow. You won’t see the summit of Kilauea on this tour, but you will see the area that was transformed in the May 2018 “East Rift Zone” eruption.

If you’ve never been to Volcanoes National Park, we suggest you do the Kilauea Bike Tour. If you have seen this area in the past, we recommend you try the BIke to Pele tour. Whichever tour you decide, you MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE! Bike Volcano has very limited availability as they only operate one tour per day. You should reserve this event as soon as you know it is something you want to do on vacation. When you plan in advance, you can select which tour you you prefer that’s the tour they add to their schedule for your selected date. By planning in advance you get to select which tour is offered and your space is guaranteed. If you wait until you arrive in Hawaii, the tour you prefer may not be available and it is even possible during peak travel periods to have all available tour dates sold out during your entire stay. Don’t let this happen to you … plan ahead!