COVID-19 AVAILABILITY UPDATE: Hawaii Oceanic is resuming operations in December and we are now accepting reservations for tour dates on or after 12/11/2020!
Hawaii Oceanic Snorkel at Captain Cook Monument

Snorkel at Captain Cook Monument

Hawaii Oceanic Manta Ray

Swim with graceful giant manta rays

Hawaii Oceanic private charter

The private tour is great for giving kids special attention

Hawaii Oceanic whale watching

The power catamaran offers stable platform for whale watching

Hawaii Oceanic high speed tubing

High-speed tubing is available on private charters

Hawaii Oceanic a girl getting ready for snorkeling

I am soooo..... ready to snorkel!

Hawaii Oceanic swimming with dolphins

Guests can often swim with dolphins in their natural habitat

Hawaii Oceanic a pod of bottle nose dolphins

A pod of curious bottle nose dolphins approaches the boat

Hawaii Oceanic snorkel marine life

Beautiful marine life on the coral reef

Hawaii Oceanic new boat

Private & semi-private tours are limited to just 6 guests

Hawaii Oceanic captain Jason

Captain Jason at the helm

Hawaii Oceanic dolphin encounter

Dolphin encounters are frequent - here is a mother with her baby

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Hawaii Oceanic offers private and semi-private snorkeling and ocean adventure activities aboard their 30 foot power catamaran, the “Pueo Kai.” The capacity is 6 on one vessel and 12 on their other vessel.  These tours are uncrowded and guarantee you personal attention from the friendly crew while you are out on the water. Specific destinations and ocean fun can be tailored to fit your group’s desires. They even provide comlimentary photos of your adventure along the Kona Coast.

The Kona

The most popular tour option is the Kona – a combination of dolphin and whale watching, plus a snorkel experience in the crystal clear waters of Kealakekua Bay, the site of the Captain Cook Monument. This natural reserve offers a healthy coral reef and abundant marine life. Best of all, a limited number of boats are permitted to go to Kealakekua Bay, so it is never crowded. These tours are uncrowded and guarantee you personal attention from the friendly crew while you are out on the water. Dolphin or seasonal whale sightings are a 99.5% success rate!

Schedule: Daily at 7:15am

Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours

Tour includes: Snacks, beverages and complimentary photos of your trip.

Gear Provided: All snorkel gear and flotation devices.

Dolphin Swim

Cruise the Kona Coast looking for pods of dolphins. Spinner dolphins are about the size of the average man and they congregate in pods of 20 to 300. They are extremely curious and provide an amazing acrobatic show. Once a pod is located, you’ll get a briefing on how to swim with the dolphins. Showing them utmost respect, you’ll enter the water accompanied by a swim guide and observe these magnificent creatures in the natural habitat.

Schedule: Daily at 7:15am

Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours

Tour includes: Snacks, beverages, and complimentary photos of your trip.

Gear Provided: All snorkel gear and flotation devices.

The Humpback

During whale season (from December through April) the humpbacks are here in large numbers to give birth and to mate. Whether witnessing a spectacular breach or the thrill of watching a newborn swimming next to its mom, you’ll experience an awesome adventure in the presence of these gentle giants.

Schedule: Daily at 1pm during whale season

Duration: 2 hours

Tour includes: Snacks, beverages, and complimentary photos

General Information
Check In: Honokohau Harbor, 5 miles south of the Kona Airport  on the ocean side of Highway 11/19 (Queen Kaahumanu Highway)

GPS: 74-380 Kealakehe Pkwy Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 Click to view map

Gear Provided: All necessary gear is included on all tours. Flotation vests and swimmie noodles are provided for those who aren’t confident swimmers, and there is always an experienced guide in the water with you.

Restrictions: There is no minimum age to participate but children who are too young to get in the ocean must have an adult stay with them on the boat at all times.

What to Bring & Wear: Towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, warm and dry clothes, hat, sun glasses, and camera

Vessel: 30 foot Power Catamaran or 27 foot Force Marine Power Boat.  The decision of which vessel is based  upon the number of guests they have on the tour.

Capacity: 6 or 12

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

dolphin private charters
Dolphin encounters are frequent
snorkel private charters
Spend the day with the colorful tropical fish

CPrivate Snorkel Chartersruise Ship Passengers

Hawaii Oceanic morning tours do not work for cruise ship itineraries. Kona is a tender port and you won’t have time to make it to shore and catch a cab in time to make their 7:15am departure. However, the private snorkel charters option with a custom tour time could work. Call us at 1.877.678.7333 and we will check to see if a custom charter could be arranged for your date. If so, a cab ride of about 15 minutes each way would be required.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

For those who are looking for personal attention and service along with a fantastic experience out on the Kona waters, Hawaii Oceanic is a great choice for several reasons. First, their vessel is a 30′ powered catamaran … the twin hulls of this type of vessel gives a smoother ride, more stability, and less rocking back and forth while at anchor compared to a similarly sized monohull boat. There are no crowds on board either, which means you have lots of elbow room to move around, especially nice when watching dolphins and whales. This boat has ROOM for 12-15 passengers … but they have what we call in Hawaii a “six pack license.” Legally they are limited to take no more than 6 guests … which means the boat will always feel like it is less than half full!

With this personal-sized tour there is an added measure of safety in the water … with a 3-to-1 “guest to crew member ratio” you will always have someone looking out for you. We recommend this approach for kids who are going on their first snorkel boat experience.

Yes, it costs a little more than other snorkel tours to get this level of attention … but it isn’t THAT much more. This is especially true of their Manta Ray night snorkel, where vessels that have three to four times as many guests charge $80-90 per person and this semi-private trip is just $100 per person.

For a morning tour, we recommend “The Kona” because of the spectacular reef and typically crystal clear water found at Kealakekua Bay (site of the Captain Cook Monument). If the “semi-private” or “private” tour concept offered by Hawaii Oceanic is right for you, then we also recommend that you reserve TWO tours … “The Kona” for a morning snorkel experience, and the famous “Manta Night Snorkel” for the following evening. Neither of these two tours require any advanced snorkeling.

The Dolphin Dreams tour is generally one that we recommend for more experienced snorkelers. Rather than being in a shallow water / protected bay area,  the dolphin swims happen in open water (deep water) and requires more swimming.

Because they have such limited capacity, we do recommend that you reserve your space well in advance of your Hawaii vacation. For parties of two wanting to book one of their semi-private charters, we also recommend advanced reservations so that your trip has more time to “firm up.” Hawaii Oceanic does require a minimum of three guests for their tour to be a “go” and booking well in advance is the best way to make sure that the date and tour type you have selected has time for others to sign up – so the tour will be confirmed.

Non-private snorkel options include Fairwind, Hula Kai, Waikoloa Snorkel Sail, Captain Zodiac Rafting, Manta Ray Night Snorkel, and Dolphin Snorkel Swim.