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Bike to Pele tour is a guided bicycle adventure of the new Kilauea eruption area

Sunshine Helicopters Kauai

The Lower Puna district is forever changing!

Sunshine Helicopters Kauai

Star of the Sea Painted Church, which was saved from the 1990 lava flow.

Sunshine Helicopters Kauai

Witness current active lava eruption (County of Hawaii dependent)!

Sunshine Helicopters Kauai

Experience lush coconut groves, tropical jungles, and lava flows from 1955 and 1990

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The Bike to Pele tour is a guided bicycle adventure of the new eruption area of Kilauea Volcano. You begin the journey at the Star of the Sea Painted Church, which was saved from the 1990 lava flow that destroyed the town of Kalapana. You will be fitted with a bicycle and helmet and have a short safety orientation. Your bicycle experience starts on the renowned “Red Road”. This is a less traveled road along the coastline of the lower Puna district, and it is thought to be one most scenic roads in Hawaii. You will bike through the most spectacular scenery that is reminiscent of old Hawaii, and it is located in a remote and sparsely populated area of the Big Island. You will see lush coconut groves, tropical jungles, and lava flows from 1955 and 1990, and the current volcano eruption.

After biking, it’s time to relax and the air conditioned van takes you on a short drive for a delicious lunch. Then you will go on a short hike (.25 feet or 300 meters) to the Kaimu Black Sand Beach, which was created in the 1990 eruption. Next, travel by van to witness the current active lava eruption (County of Hawaii dependent)! The Lower Puna district is forever changing, and this may be your last chance to see this beautiful unspoiled part of the island in its untouched grandeur before Madame Pele (the Volcano Goddess) decides to recreate it.

General Information
Schedule: Monday through Friday at 10am

Duration: Approximately 5 hours from Hilo

Bike distance: 8.5 miles of biking (roundtrip) with 1/2 mile hike (roundtrip)

Pick up: Cruise ship passengers – Hilo cruise ship dock at typically 8:30am, but is adjusted to match your cruise ship’s arrival time for ships arriving later than 8:00am. Pickup for all other guests is at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel on Banyan Drive (71 Banyan Dr, Hilo, HI 96720 Click to view map) at typically at 8:40am.   Please allow ample time to arrive at the meeting locations. When the tour departs from the meeting location they do not return for late arrivals.

Tour includes: Lunch and beverages. Van support throughout tour if you need to take a break from biking and ride in the van anytime during the tour.

Gear Provided: High quality mountain bikes, helmets, bike bag and rain poncho/jacket

What to Bring & Wear: Layered clothing (t-shirt, shorts, jacket, and/or pants), sunscreen, and camera. Protective eye wear (sun glasses or prescription glasses) and closed toed shoes are required. They bike rain or shine, so bring extra layers in case of a change in weather conditions.

Restrictions: Minimum age to ride a bike is 5, but children under 4’10″ and/or under 85 pounds will have a “tag-along” bike that connects to a parent’s bike frame Medium (5’7″ or above). Parents must have the ability to ride with a tag along and keep up with the group. If the parent is unable to keep up with the group, or the child is too little to ride a bike of their own, the child may be required to ride in the van. Children above the maximum tag along height and weight must have the ability to ride a 26″ wheel bike.

Rider Requirements:Height requirement: 4’10” and above (the smallest bike frame has 26″ wheels). No complete beginners – all riders need to know how to ride a bike with the ability to balance, steer, and stop a bike. Closed toed shoes and eye protection (sunglasses) are required. No pregnant women or riders with heart or respiratory problems are allowed on the tour. However expecting mothers can come along as a van riders.

Tour Size:A minimum of 6 participants are required to operate these tours … if your party size is less than 6 and they don’t get other bookings for your date, the tour operator will contact you to reschedule your tour on a date when they have other bookings.  A maximum of 13 particpants per tour.

Weather Conditions: The bike tour goes out rain or shine, and weather conditions in Volcano can be unpredictable.  Occasionally, Madame Pele decides she’d like the Volcano to herself for the day, in which case if they have advanced knowledge of unsafe weather conditions we’ll notify you to reschedule your tour or they will offer you an alternative bike course. If they cancel the tour due to extreme weather conditions 3 hours before the tour starting time, we’ll notify you to reschedule your tour or you will receive a full refund. If the weather conditions become unsafe to bike within 3 hours of the tour start time or during the tour, you will receive a van tour with additional hikes until weather conditions improve. If the weather remains unchanged and unsafe to bike you will be charged the van rider rate and refunded the difference. Please be advised the tour course will be adjusted as necessary, dependent on weather conditions, ability of group, and the timing of tour.

Lava Viewing: This can be unpredictable and it is not guaranteed. If, the lava flow is reported to be not active or if the viewing area is predicted to be closed on the day prior to your tour date, we will notify you and offer the full day tour of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as an alternative tour course.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

bike to pele tour
Ride through lush forests
lava flow
Witness the power of Pele!

CVolcano Bike Toursruise Ship Passengers

The Bike to Pele Tour are available for cruise ship passengers who are in port in Hilo. Round trip transportation is included.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

The physical demands on this tour are rather moderate. You don’t have to be in shape for a marathon as most of the riding is level or downhill. If you get tired, the support van is always there for you to take a break – so don’t let your physical conditioning level determine your participation. You do need to be in over-all good health and you DO NEED TO KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. If you haven’t been on a bike in 20 years, you really should practice before contemplating this ride! Borrow a friend’s bike and ride around in your neighborhood. It will boost your confidence and help you enjoy this tour a lot more. While this tour is completely suitable for an average bike rider, your ability to safely do this ride is based upon you and your ability to competently steer, brake, and peddle a bicycle. If you can do that, you’ll enjoy this tour. If you can’t do that, WE DON’T WANT YOU TO TRY.

This tour includes comfortable, new mountain bikes that feature disc brakes, fenders, and have a comfortable upright seating position. Helmets, gloves, and a rain jacket are provided. Riders should be prepared for a VARIETY OF WEATHER CONDITIONS on this tour. It is common to experience chilly misty weather at the 4000 foot summit of Kilauea, and hot and dry conditions at sea level … all on the same day. Participants must wear closed toed shoes and eye protection (sunglasses) and should dress in layers. Temperatures can be in the low 60′s and temperatures on the ocean flats can be in the mid 80′s.