COVID-19 AVAILABILITY UPDATE: UFO Kona has resumed operations and we are now accepting reservations for all future dates!
UFO Parasail in Kona

Parasailing - Get a bird's eye view of the Kona Coast

UFO Parasail in Kona

Easy take off and landing from the flight deck at the rear of the vessel

UFO Parasail in Kona taking off from the boat

The adventure begins sitting on the rear deck with the sail inflated

UFO Parasail in Kona going up

The crew releases the line & the boat slides out from underneath you

UFO Parasail in Kona in the air

More line is released and you go higher!

UFO Parasail in Kona reaching to the clouds

Even more line is let out and you go REALLY high!

UFO Parasail in Kona landing on the rear deck

The line is reeled in and you land gently on the rear deck

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Parasail in paradise with UFO PARASAILING … Big Island parasailing is a fun, easy activity that almost everyone can enjoy. Absolutely no experience is necessary and there is nothing to learn … you just sit back and enjoy the ride. You begin your flight seated on the back deck of the boat with your harness attached to the parasail. As the boat begins to accelerate, you feel the vessel sliding out from underneath of you and WHOOOSH … off you go!  Your actual air time depends on the length of the line and whether you are going single or tandem / triple. 800′ single fliers are in the air about 8 minutes, 800′ tandem/triples and 1200′ singels are in the air for about 10 minutes, and 1200′ tandems/triples are in the air for about 12 minutes. At the end of the ride the crew reels you in like a fish, and you land like a feather standing up on the back deck of the boat. The total length of time you are out on the boat is about an hour or a little less.

General Information
Schedule: Daily (while Maui parasailing shuts down during whale season, UFO Kona operates all year around)

Check In: UFO Parasail office at the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott King Kamehameha’s Kona Hotel

GPS: 75-5660 Palani Road, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 Click to view map

Restrictions: Minimum age to parasail or observe on the boat is 5. Minimum weight to fly solo is 160 pounds. Maximum combined weight for tandem or triple flights is 450 pounds.  No pregnant women and no one with a history of neck or back injuries may board the boat.

What to Bring & Wear: Beach wear

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event.

big island parasailing
Get a bird's eye view of the Kona coast
big island parasailing
Take off and landing is easy!

CBig Island Parasailingruise Ship Passengers

Big Island Parasailing is available for cruise ship passengers in Kona, and the check-in is just across the street from the cruise ship dock!  Check-in is 45 minutes prior to your tour time, and allow ample time to get to shore when making your reservation. Kona is a tendering situation and it may take an hour or so after your scheduled arrival for you to make it to shore.

Activity Tips

Kevin Ditamore – Owner / Manager

What an amazing sensation! Imagine yourself sitting on the back deck of a boat. You are wearing a harness … behind you a parasail is already inflated. The staff clips you onto the line, and you hear the boat’s engines power up. You feel the boat sliding out from underneath you … and moments later the boat has disappeared and you are hovering over the water just a few feet from the surface. Out goes the line … and away you go … a giant kite against the horizon!

Parasailing has evolved into a highly safe art form. The take-off and landing both happen on the boat. When your ride concludes, they reel you in like a fish. You land gently on the back deck of the boat where your adventure began.

Certain weight limits apply. Two people may fly in tandem as long as their combined weights do not exceed 450 lbs. In order to fly single, you have to weigh at least 130 lbs. … these weights are guidelines and can change subject to wind conditions.

Each boat holds 6 people, so larger groups will have to split between two or three boats.